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 I have chronic bronchitis. What can I do to get rid of it?
Mydoctors prescribed an inhaler, but that doesn't even seem like it's working Still having tightness in chest, hard to breathe. What can I do to get rid of this? Thanks....

 Mucus in throat?
since last night ive had this mucus in my throat i cant cough up. im having no trouble breathing or drinking or anything, its just this mucus. any suggestions?...

 Having trouble breathing through nose and tight chest what may it be?

 What were some of the medications used in the past before the new medications used today concering asthma?

 My neighbour had helicopter about two years ago she had some antibiotics to clear it up but ever since?
but ever since has had a burning in her chest,and seems to feel thet her breath smells and that she can smell it her self,

but the doctors cannot find a problem,and after two years have ...

 Do you know someone that has got a really nasty?
or irritating habit? what is it ? and I dont mean smoking that is my nasty habit....

I've got a nasty cold, and ive gotta work new years eve, i work at a nightclub so its gonna be super busy, i need all the energy i can get!!
Ive got a runny nose
Chesty cough
Sore ...

 You'd market to my kids?

 Cigar Smoking?
Is inhaling cigar smoke as bad,worse or less harmful than cigarette smoke and why?
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Hey guys-I know its disgusting and almost sorry I asked.Just wondering as to whether ...

 Does where I live affect how often I'm sick?
So, I'm from Australia, and when I was almost 9 I moved to California. I don't remember how I often I was sick before I moved, but when I was in California, I could always rely on myself to ...

 Is there anyway to quickly reduce CO2 levels in your blood?

 What is the difference between cc and ml in meds.?

 Productive cough: flu or pneumonia?
I was diagnosed with the flu, but the doctor’s second choice was pneumonia.
I started coughing out mucus. Nowhere online I can find that flu makes your cough productive.
Should I check ...

 I have exercise induced asthma, but what if I forget to take my inhaler to a game?
When I have a basketball game, I've noticed that I can't breathe within 6 minutes of the game. I'm also very forgetful, so if I forget my inhaler, what should I do?...

 What is the best thing to do when having an asthma attack?

 I have a question about pneumonia?
To anyone thats ever had pneumonia did your stomach hurt,back ache,or feel like your are going to faint.
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I do have pneumoia I was in the ER the other night and they ...

 When i spawl or spit it come out mixed with blood is this normal ? plz answer quickly?
if u don't know plz PLZ P L Z DON'T ...

 What do i do if i want my boyfriend to stop smoking pot???
i called my boyfriend and he was caughing i know what that means becuase i used to do that sort of stuff . now i dont and i want to get away from it. i told him to stop before but it doesnt seem like ...

 Does it sound like asthma?
hiya i was just wondering if it sounded like i had asthma .it runs in family with my mum ,brother and my gran and other reletives.I get out of breath only sometimes when im exercising , i get a pain ...

 Have I got Asthma.....???
One night last week I was just sitting after eating and my chest felt really heavy all of a sudden and my breathing was really wheezy. I've had it happen about 3 times since then. i've ...

danielle w
Why do you get really tired after quitiing smoking?
i quit cold turkey 3 days ago, i feel so tired just wondering why?

mostly likely the stress of it might cause you to be tired more than normal, but cigarettes are stimulants like coffee, so maybe that little bit of energy you are used to, you aren't getting because of lack of cigarettes and thats what making you tired, substitute naurals stimulants like caffine, apparently there is more caffine in an apple than there is in a cup of coffee! so have an apple in the moring instead of coffee and eat natural foods to give you energy and keep you healthy and stick to not smoking! easier said than done but good luck!

it's completely normal ^_^ you always feel wierd after quitting smoking, drinking, drugs...anything like that... you were addicted to it so now your body has to get used to not having nicotine in it..you have to get used to it... it takes time but you can do it! don't give up! think: A you might get cancer B YOU'LL SMELL LIKE TAR!! people won't wanna kiss you ^_^ you're doing the right thing! for your body and your social life ^_^ you can count on that..

because nicotine is a stimulant a pick me up with out it you feel unstimulated and let down

Anthony F
The answers seem OK, but no matter how tired you feel, please do not start smoking again. Smoking is the worst habit anyone can have. I know, I smoked for years, but was able to quit cold turkey, but felt badly for months. Stick it out, PLEASE!

because your body is repairing itself form the smoke damage and your lungs are not use to being clean and nicotine free. Give it sometime and your body will feel much better.
Congrats on quitting.

If you've quit, did you substitute smoking with eating. Many times smokers who quit substitute food for there cravings for nicotine. Mostly cookies, cakes, chips and cola. These are high in carbohydrates, which make you sleepy.

Nate L
Obviously, it's a minor stimulant and you're denying yourself the "dopamine" (brain's reward system to satisfy cravings) that keeps you energized. As far as trying to quit anything, I think the biggest blessing is more sleep, as your new, more sober life is not quite as gratifying as chasing your vices.

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