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Why do symptoms of the common cold seem to get worse at night?

Additional Details
This question may go to vote because i have a lot of very good

because your body starts to settle down...the virus/bacteria don't.

I asked the doctor the same thing; she said it is like that with any sickness because your body slows down at night, the weather changes because of those factors your body has to adjust so it can fight off what is making you sick. Fevers, coughs etc. are all signs that your body it trying to get rid of what is not suppose to be there! if that makes any sense to you......

Because you're lying down, so you're getting more congested. If you feel like that, take a nice hot shower, that should make you feel lots better. Good luck ~~~

Symptoms seem to get worse at night because you are laying down and fluids have no where to go in your body, try using vicx or put more pillows under your head

When you blow your nose you are expelling the fluids that make you stuffed up. When you sleep they pool up and they drip down to your chest and than you get a cold. The best thing to do is use Saline spray before you go to bed and blow out as much as you can so it won't pool up on you. If you use something like Nazaqurt or flonaise or something like that than use that ten minutes after you use the saline.
Good luck and good health.

Because the phlem just pools in your lungs or nose and doesn't clear out by coughing or blowing the nose.

You are laying down and all the crude has no where to go but stay in your sinus passage and then on top of that you are not talking and laughing and coughing it out like in the day time. Other then that this is a good question cause we know that even if we stay up all night we still end up with more coughing and fever then in the day. The only thing I can think of is fever is fighting germs when it flairs and as you sleep at nighttime it could be that your automatic time clock inside lets your body do more to heal you while you are resting.

Sometimes for me they are worse in the morning as everything shifts and adjusts. Flu is worse for me at night, colds worse in the morning when I first get up.

uncle billy
the cough settles in the chest

Bad Kitty!
No distractions to keep you from feeling miserable!
Also, lying down causes the mucus to back up in your sinuses.
Try sleeping with your head raised on two pillows.
Be sure and take a dose of cold meds before you go to bed.

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