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Why do only adults get intubated? What do they do for children?

the parents will do nothing if they are rude and unsafe with childern but if they are nice and hrad working parents they try to have fun with them.

Jen C
Children get intubated as well. They use different kinds of tubes(usually called uncuffed endotracheal tubes) that come in different sizes. Even newborns are intubated, usually for lung prematurity and are also done with uncuffed tubes. The procedure is the same as adults.

chILD Mom
Children can be intubated as well. My daughter was intubated in 2005 at only 2 weeks of age when she lost the ability to breathe on her own due to an interstitial lung disease. We were told she had severe respiratory failure. She was actually considered for ECMO (heart-lung machine) but was not placed on it because the ICU doctors didn't feel she could survive anyway, and then when it started looking like she was going to make it, she no longer needed the ECMO, so she managed to avoid that entirely. She remained on the vent until she was a month old. After she was extubated, they tried other ways to keep her oxygenated. She did Vapotherm (like nasal cannula oxygen that goes in mixed with water at high pressures) for a few days, and then when that didn't work for her, they did CPAP (little mask that goes tightly on the nose and blows air in) for a while. Eventually, she was able to be weaned to regular nasal cannula oxygen and remained on that for a really long time 24 hours a day, and even now at almost 2, she remains on the oxygen at night. So in fact, there is actually a lot they can do for children with severe respiratory problems, and I for one am so extremely grateful for that fact.

Hi Dave:

It is not only adults that are intubated when they need to be. Children and even newborns are intubated should the need arise. For children and newborns to be intubated, it is a bit more difficult, but is done every day, every where.

You also hear more about adults being put on vents, breathing machines or intubated, which they are all one in the same, but as I mentioned adults are mentioned more or seen in tv programs more than children and newborns.

For any person of any age, if assisted breathing is needed, thenit should not be a concern as as medicine is able to assistanyone who the doctor deems necessary to be placed on breathing machines/intubated/on a vent.

Be safe and be well

Pediatric patients can be/are intubated however, less invasive procedures are attempted initially (often with positive results). Airways are tricky in the sense that if practitioners don't position a person and the airway device "just right," assisted ventilation can be ineffective. Children are anatomically different than adults and positioning can be even more challenging. There is also more of a risk of over-inflation/air into the belly etc. ; we can use special techniques and ET tubes that are sized for mini - humans.

There was a study re intubating pediatric patients "in the field" (pre - hospital) published this month. It appears that the use of a bag - valve mask (a contraption that has a mask and a balloon to squeeze oxygen/air into client) and other airway devices brings better results than attempting to intubate a child before getting them to a hospital. This may be due to: time loss and increase in occurrence of complications out-of-hospital, the fact that EMT - Is/Paramedics do not have consistent "practice"/application of airway management rgs pediatrics or other issues (probably a combination of things).

Diane A
Are you talking about the breathing tubes they put into the trachea to hook up to a ventilator? If so, they intubate babies from newborn, preemie to adult. They use smaller sizes like a "o" or a 1 (an adult is a 6 or 7); the kid's ETT are uncuffed so they do not damage the traches; and they use pediatric sized ventilators (they used to be called "baby birds").

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