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Why do I keep coughing up flem?
Ok this is really embaressing and gross..but for the last 4-5 months I have not been able to stop coughing up flem. Its bad. It sounds like a smokers cough but I don't smoke. I want to go jogging and I can't because I start coughing and can't breathe. I do have asthma, and have an inhaler but it does not get rid of this problem. What could this be? I have been to the Dr and she is no help...

Shyan F
its because that flem is mucus and gets stuck in somebodys throat till they swallow it or cough it up. I know it is really disgusting

SusanS, Incognito
You are probably coughing up phlegm because of an irritation. I would find another doctor if I were you. Good luck.

Go to another doctor right away. You want to see a (respatory specialist). Not a general doctor. Excessive mucus in the lungs is a bad sign. It could be the beginning stages of Cystic Fibrosis. ( A terminal illness)

Don't get freaked out because I am just a person answering your question, but healthy people do not do that.
And, I am a smoker.

The first person sounds right. The reason you cough phlem up is to get things out of your lungs and throat that aren't supposed to be there (such as bacteria). What color is it? If its yellow, or especially green, it sounds like an infection. However, sometimes it may be just normal if you are around irritants alot.
I know you don't smoke, but just being around smoke can cause this. Also, mold, dust, etc.
Try buying some mucinex at the store at see if that helps and try to avoid things that can irritate you.

It could be acid reflux disease. I know a few people who have it and they would cough up stuff. It was more like a vomit though then flem, but it varied from person to person. There are a lot of things that it could be. It is good that you went to the doctor and I am sorry that she was no help. I would try going to another doctor and then continue asking around. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors are of not help. Sometimes they are though. So keep on going to different ones and in the meantime keep on asking if anyone knows what it is or has had something like it. The bottom line is, even if somebody here can tell you what it is, the doctor is going to be the only one to diagnose you with it and treat you for it. You can try going to webmd.com and using the symptom checker. This will come up with possible conditions that you could have based off of your symptoms. They will explain the conditions to you and tell you what other symptoms come with it. If you find something that you think it might be, you could tell your doctor about it.

You should be rechecked by a NEW physician. You could have an upper respiratory infection. Your sputum can be sent to the lab for a culutre to see what type of bacteria it could be growing. You can be given antibiotics also.

see a specialist, a doctor who specializes in pulmonary diseases ( a lung specialist) your body is telling you there is something terribly wrong. see the specialist. ask around especially any senior citizens who may have already seen a lung doctor. they may be able to steer you in the right direction. specialist are generally hard to get a quick appointment with so hang in there. have you tries musinex?
think it's over the counter but not sure and not sure of the spelling. ask your druggist for that named product.
good luck to ya

I'm no expert on human anatomy, but my guess is either you have some kind of upper respiratory infection, which is causing fluid to build up in your lungs, or you have an infection along the lines of Bronchitis.

It could even just be something as simple as allergies. Do you have any other symptoms? Fever, headache, stomach problems?

Whatever it is, get back to the doctor, and explain your symptoms in as much detail as possible. Its nothing to be embarrassed over, or even grossed out. Just the bodies way of letting you know somethings wrong.

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