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Christine B
Why do I hear a crackling noise when I breathe in/out only when laying down.?
Been suffering from a cough, fever and low energy for 3 days. I went to the doctor yesterday. He game me some antibiotics and decongestants. I only noticed the crackling thing in the morning while laying in bed. It was really annoying me, so I got up and then it stopped. So I stayed up for a bit then layed back down to see if it would return and, after a few minutes, it did. It sounds/feels like its coming from my upper chest or throat area. It is not stopped by coughing. It doesn't really hurt to breathe it's just annoying to feel and hear and it worries me. Any ideas what could be causing it?

It will most likely clear up in a couple days. When you are sick, your lungs make all kinds of lovely mucus secretions. When you lay down (especially for extended periods of time, like when sleeping) all those secretions settle, and that's what causes the crackling sound. If it's not gone within a few days, call your doc.

Candy G
if it persists after you have been on the meds. for a few days go back to dr. it could be more serious

Phlegm always troubles in a lying position.
So keep head higher while this cold lasts.
Most here have said it all. But take some precautions and herbs.

I just got over one.
I take ginger on a daily basis. It is Anti-Histamine.
Also Vit C and Allegra.

Then when it happened, I took Mucinex. It is a decongestant and helps relieve that feeling of "wheezing" .
Avoided Anti biotics. Have survived! Nut it is not so always.
The lungs has 38-40% capacity. So if cold settles, it is very difficult for me.

Make a tea with grated ginger, peppercorns a clove and basil.
Keep drinking when you can. Sip as warm as you can. You may also add almonds and honey to it.
Do check it all out with a doc.
Keep warm and wrapped up.

Your lungs work best when you are upright, laying down causes them to have to work harder to get the mucous and water out, and the air in. The weight of you body does push on your chest. They teach chonic lung people to sit up, lean a little forward, and put their arms up on a table, so their chest will expand better.
Bronchitis acts that way too, just ask me, I managed to stay flat in bed an hour without coughing last night.
Take the meds the doctor gave you on time, sit up to clear your lungs. Do some postural drainage: lay down, turn on one side and cough, then turn on the other and cough, that loosens things up, and moves it around so it will come out. Do some deep breathing exercises.
It does sound like you might have bronchitis, though I'm not a doctor. Try this: if you have a small bathroom, go into the bathroom, shut the door, and turn on the shower on hot [with you NOT in the shower, you sit on the toilet] and let it run a bit. If you get relief from the cough, you might have bronchitis. If you get more congested, turn off the shower and leave. This is the same thing Mommies do with kids with the croup. Humidity therapy, same as running a humidifiyer. Another sign of bronchitis is a cough that sounds like a beagle barking, and you cough and cough uncontrollably. I'm in luck today, it is rainy cats and dogs today. Humid! I can breathe better.

Mucus building up in your lungs. The anti biotics and decongestants should clear that up in a few days. If not go back to the doctor.

Danielle B
well , im not a doctor or anything, but ive experienced that many times before. its because you have recently had a cough , that the loose mucus is in your chest, waiting to be coughed up! its all the bad stuff , once you get it all up by couhging it will go i should think. :)

Call your doctor. It sounds like bronchitis, but it could also be a bad chest cold or even pneumonia. With all the viruses that are out there, who knows. Your better to be safe than sorry. it could also just be caused by conjestion.

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