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 I think i just had an anxiety attack.?
well,my girlfriend just sent me a message and before i even read it i felt like i had to throw up and everything that happend in the past came back and my heart started beating fast and it felt like ...

 Sore throat from screaming.?
doeas anyone know how long it will take to heal?...

 How do I get my boyfriend to stop smoking pot?

How long does it take to recover from pneumonia? Is it safe to send a kid back to daycare with "walking pneumonia?" Our doc says so...this is scary for me....

 How do i get rid of this cough?
i'm 16 years old. for about 4-5 days now i've had this cough and recently it has turned into a series of unproductive coughs. about 10 days ago i had some pretty painful headaches but i ...

 Does anyone else out there have asthma that the main symptom is coughing?
I cough so much sometimes that I can't breathe. I don't have the normal wheezing that you hear about. I was just diagnosed with asthma a few years ago. After having an undiagnosed cough ...

 Heavy breathing whilst asleep(not snoring)a cause for concern?
My teenage daughter slept in the same room as me for a few nights last week.We got to talking last night and she told me I breath really heavy when I'm asleep.She said it's not like snoring ...

 What does it mean when you get hiccups A LOT?
Pretty much, I don't have chronic hiccups, as in they never last for more than an hour. However, I get them very often. Usually, I get what I call a case of the hiccups at least twice to three ...

 My son has evidence of Harrison sulcus........Does anyone know what that means?
I think it is something to do with asthma, but what it is or does I have no idea....

 Ammonia and bleach?
Ammonia and bleach was mixed and used to clean our bathroom by accident. What are the affects it will have on you if you breathe it in?...

 My dad has water on the lungs after a severe chest infection, how can you get rid of the water?

 I want to quit smoking !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i've tried the patch , gum , inhaler even zyban i just can't stop

anyone with some tips plse ...

 How to reduce asthma?
when i start to run i get a shortage of breath is there a way to reduce asthma because i want to run and may i have a star for this question?...

 How long after quitting smoking will my lungs get to that of a non smokers?
iv only been smoking for 4 years which isnt very long?...

 The smoking ban in JULY!?
Are you bothered, how will it affect your way of life?...

 Am I going to get a cold?
I was in a van with 5 coworkers for 3 hours on Friday. Everyone except myself and the driver are all sick now with colds and sore throats! Ugh. Am I going to come down with it now too?...

 Oregano smoking?
Is it safe to smoke oregano? I don't want to get high off of it or anything I just want to know is it safe....

 Does dehydration effect your lungs?
i heard that being dehydrated makes your lungs shut down and cause mucus to prevent anymore water from ...

 How long does it take a smoker to get emphysema?
With fairly heavy smoking (10 -20 a day) How long would it take on average to develop this? I've always assumed it to be a later life thing, would hate it to develop at an early stage though.

 A Question about my Asthma?
I had asthma for around 6-7 months, for me its not a bid deal, I usually get an asthma attack when I'm in my room like 99% of the time. I first got an asthma attack about 7 months ago everything ...

Why do I have trouble breathing after drinking alcohol?
I have exercised induced asthma. (When I do active movement I get asthma attacks). It's never serious so I don't have an inhaler.

I go out with friends occasionally and avoid drinking alcohol even though I would like to. But for some reason after I drink any alcohol, whether beer or hard liquor my air way constricts and I have trouble breathing. Wheezing as well. Any Ideas?

My sister has asthma too and it's alot worse than mine. The simplest allergy could give her a asthma attack. But she can drink alot without any asthma problem?

Am I allergic or somthing?

Yes, you probably are allergic. Is it all alcohol? or a specific type?

there's the possibility of an allergy to alcohol (see your doctor to get this tested) or maybe you drink it too fast??

Maybe its not the alcohol as much as it is the environment like a smoky bar... I have asthma so I have the same problem...

Remember, also, that alcohol is a CNS (Central Nervous System) depressant. This means that it can slow down your breathing, making it seem as if it is more difficult to breath. Your respirations (breaths) can become slower and more shallow. Be careful.

wicked witch of the midwest
well yes it would seem that you are allergic. this is odd. i'm allergic to sulfites found in wine but not to other alcohol products. you probably are allergic and you shoudl stay away.

ooo, I know someone who has a very similar problem...she has a terrible reaction to all of the preservitives in it...read the label and see if any of the ingrediants match next time.

or just simply live without alcohol

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