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Mis Managed
Which is worst pneumonia or the flu? My daughter was diagnosed with pnuemonia 2xs last year?
and was sent home both times? What's the deal?

Gone fishin'
It depends on the health of the patient. If they are weak then either can be fatal.

Both can be fatal, but generally pnemonia is harder to get over.

Sudoku Player
Pneumonia is much worse and if not treated could even lead to death!

Flu can turn to pneumonia if not treated properly. Pneumonia also has to be treated with antibiotics and pneumonia can develop into something more serious.

Flu is bad but pneumonia is worse because it is in your lungs. I would suggest a visit to her doctor for decisions about treatment and vaccines.

Wishing you the best of health.

Mad Roy
Both are serious diseases, but I would rather have Flu than Pneumonia. The hospital I work in has a lot more patients with Pneumonia than influenza. Some URI's are less serious than others and can be treated at home. We often see people with "walking pneumonia' (usually viral) who are not sick enough to need hospitalization. Your daughter might benefit from a good childrens vitamin to help build up her immunity (ask your pharmacist). Also limit sugar and products that contain it. They weaken the immune system.

pneumonia is definitely the worst. I have had it every year sometimes two times a year after the first time I got it.
They have sent me home with inhalers. But this year I heard about the pneumonia shot so I got it and the flu shot. I recommend it. I haven't gotten the flu or pneumonia so far.
If you don't get it treated, it could get very serious. I was just diagnosed with asthma this year. I don't know if that is what cause it but I know I didn't have it until after I got pneumonia.
So I would recommend you get her to see a lung doctor, maybe an allergist, or an ENT to see just why she keeps getting it.
Good luck. Hope it all gets better.

I Just Wanna Go 2 College!!
Well, i think pnuemonia because it actually gets into your lungs and can kill you much quicker if untreated, i think that the flu is only a deadlier version of a cold, but it is easier treated. Where was your daughter sent home from? if it was the hospital, that was probably because she wasn't urgent enough for them to keep her. Unless she has asthma or something, there isn't really a reason to keep her, just give her the medicine and put her on bed rest.

pneumonia is the worst and can last from 1 week till treated, it a process of the lungs filling with fluids that cause severe infection of the body and the fluids need to be realeased with antibiotics and breathing treatments, if left untreated can ultimately lead to death, unlike the flu which is usually a 24-48 hour illness.

pneumonia means that there is fluid in the lungs and sometimes occurs as the result of the flu. when your daughter "had it twice" last year was the second time shortly following the first. if so, it is because the strain of bacteria was resistant to the original antibiotic, died down a little enough to relieve symptoms, and then began to flourish again once the course of abts was complete. it is always a good idea to follow up with the dr following a bacterial infection of any kind to make sure the antibiotic got it all. if your daughter continues to come down with pneumonia she needs to be reffered to a pulmonologist (lung dr) by her pediatrician.

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