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fatima b
When i cry i cant breath why?
when i cry i just cant breath properly even through my mouth and its horrible cause you just cant stop does thet happen to anyone else?

You might be having a panic attack.

Stop hyperventilating....slow your breathing down and DON'T CALL 911 unless it is life threatening.

Laura W
I don't know what it is so I suggest you go to your doctor and explain your symptoms. It may be nothing but at least you'll know. Good luck and let me know how you go.

When you are crying your mucus membranes; lachrymal ducts, sinus cavity, nasal passages, throat, and mouth get inflamed and begin excreting fluids which makes it hard for air to pass, therefore you have difficulty breathing or sometimes are unable to breath especially through your nose.

The First Dragon
If you are having a panic attack, remember it is unpleasant but not dangerous. Don't be afraid. Try breathing into a bag to increase the carbon dioxide in your blood. (When you hyperventilate, you get rid of it, and you do need some in your blood to feel right.)

your most likely having a panic attack OR hyperventilating. so when you start to cry just try to think about calming things and breathe slowly.

Because you are probably hyper ventilating.

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