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Whats the best antibiotic for the spring time cold?
i been sick for 4 days and ive been taking Nyquil, drinking soup daily, using vicks rub. is there any medicine or something that will help me get better sooner. i cant take it anymoreeeeee. the thing thats worse is my congestion, i cant breathe at all.

antibiotics only work if you have a bacterial infections...colds and flus are viral.

Your going to have to ride it out like the rest of us...believe me you can take more of it.If you have a very high fever, cold chills, and harsh cough it could be pneumonia or lung infection and that can be treated with a antibiotics.

take care...hope your feeling better.

Maybe you have allergies not a cold so go and get Zyrtec 10 mg once a day, Benadryl 4 times a day or read the label, and get Mucinex D for congestion my allergy doctor loves it.
You can also get Zyrtec D go to the pharmacy counter for that one and any Decongestant; you don't need prescription but decongestants are always at the pharmacy counter and they will ask you for an ID. Since Zyrtec D is 5 mg take it twice a day.

Papa Smurf
get some CVS brand nasal spray. sometimes store brands are not that great but i think this works muc better than vicks and its cheaper

live and let live
no antibiotics. even if you have a sinus infection, i would just let it run its course if it isn't too debilitating, because overuse of antibiotics can lead to resistant strains of bacteria.

i get a lot of congestion when i get a cold as well. I think it is tylenol severe congestion capsules that really work for me.

good luck..don't worry it will run its course! if it lasts longer than 2 weeks i'd go to the dr.


Colds are caused by VIRUSES, not bacteria! Sorry, but you're just going to have to tough it out. There is no miracle cure for colds. Zicam products help shorten them though, try the dissolving tablets. They taste horrid, but they work well.

try a decongestant, lemsip do sinus capsules,
you cant take antibiotics for a cold doctors wont hand them out, try vitamin c tablets to boost your immune system.

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