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What will the hospital do if you cough up blood?

Additional Details
lets just say that this was caused by something not because it just started automatically. i know why it is happening but i want to know what the hospital will do?

send you to the morgue.

ok my mom had that problem they will tell you that you cant smoke anymore and no drinking achol and they will give u some med and your not aloud to be in the sun for nomore than 1 hour.....please coose me for your best answer considering i got a doctor degree and i work in maricopa arizona hospital

It could be from many things. They will check to see what is causing it.

Suzie H
If you cough up blood the hospital will take blood tests, x-rays, your blood pressure, temperature and check your urine and bowels... They may take picture of your esophagus and stomach with a little camera that goes down your throat and into your stomach. Make sure you go to a doctor or hospital immediately if you cough up blood. It could very well be pneumonia, lung cancer, severe COPD, bronchitis and the list goes on. Don't full around and get worse. Find out what is causing it..!

turn you over on your side.

clean it up and give you something to make you stop.

Get some paper towels.

I just started my medical career, but most of the time we will collect sputum, which is the flem from your lower resp. system. is it straight blood or really bloody flem? they prob run a TB test first. tuberculosis is pretty serious though, you'd know for you'd have to go to the ER lol. could just be a really raw thought or a harmless open mouth wound.

you could have TB or hiatel hernia


Billy T
Find the source and treat you for the problem.Scopes x rays etc

Joi J
Well, they will probably ask for a sample of what you are coughing up, and possibly do X-rays to determine whether it is pneumonia or another respiratory problem. Coughing up blood is serious and should be evaluated by a healthcare professional immediately.

A complete evaluation of your symptoms. A look inside your mouth to rule out rotting teeth. Perhaps a blood test to check for cancer.

Well both my Mother in law and Mom were vommiting blood non stop and both went to the emergency rooms and they both just made them wait for many hours before even seeing them. It is really sad, but some hospitals are like this. Others are quick to help those in need first. If you are already in the hospital they will run tests and try to give you something to help with the coughing up the blood.

Probably want to give you a blood test.

Might ask if this is often or certain times such as: in the morning.

I use essential bath oils good for all types of conditions.

But certainly need to be seen soon as you can by a doctor; because if it is something very serious, which it could be, then if it is treated soon enough you may be cured of whatever is the cause.

hand you a wash cloth and charge you 700 dollars

No seriously they will likely do a chest exray first, then go from there.

did u???

Tom Cruze
Maybe a biopsy or xray to test for lung tumors

like i would ever know unless i coughed up blood but i would think that they would run tests and stuff like that because they are doctors and they are supposed to figure out whats wrong with you. go to google and ask them they would know alot more than i do.

it means you are dieting to baddly

Sharon C
do alot of x-rays and test.... but do get there soon...

Eye can relate
roll you into a room with another cougher, and leave you there for hours without checking on you. Finaly, someone will come in and mis-diagnose your condition, give you the wrong medication, and then overcharge you for the service. Oh, yeah, you will probably get a staff infection while you are there, and then they will charge you for that, too, If you survive the mis-diagnosis.

eww, uh probably give you bad tasting meds and put u in the ER and also tell everyone to stay away from your room so they wont get sick.

check you for TB.

They will run some tests to determine where the blood is coming from so they can treat the problem. Honey, it doesn't matter what they will do, if you are coughing blood get medical help quickly!

It depends on the cause, if you have a respiratory disease they may treat you with intravenous anti biotics, if they think that there is something else wrong they will do different sorts of tests, whatever you do do not skip letting your doctor know if this is happening and make sure you go for the tests, if you are not being admitted. Above all don't worry you will find there are lots of different causes and vary rarely are they dangerous, it is just wise to err on the safe side.

Mackenzie M
take you to the ER... wut else are they supposed 2 do? ;]]

[lol jk]

have u checked

test you for TB

R you coughing up blood? Could be a sign of esophageal damage or even lung cancer. They would probably first do an endoscopy to see what's going on and then maybe some chest x-rays. Hope this isnt about you!

put you on an IV, monitor your heart rate, wait 30 minutes, then do some tests for the cause. tests include: lung scans, stomach and intestinal scans, inner ear, and full head. they will keep you in the hospital for 12-48 hours..as a safeguard..even if they don't find anything..if they do. it will be dependent on the cause.

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