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What to do when your child have constantly coughing?

take them to the doctor for medicine to control it


Take the child to the doctor asap. Also a vapourizer in the room may help. Give the child plenty of fluids ( a reasonable amount, of course). You may want to have the child checked for allergies too.

>I always took them to a Doctor.<

The Party Boy
Ease up on the leash. Or maybe let the kid roam free for a minute or two.

medicine doctor

go to a doctor

The Guest
crap. he might have asthma. Get to your family doctor asap. Either that or its a bad cold. Ask him if he has trouble breathing (lung-wise) or if he is just coughing because of his throat. Give him a cough drop, and if it doesnt work. And he mentions trouble with his lungs, and hes wheezing he might have asthma

Your gonna have to take him to the doctor eventually, my son use to cough all the time like it was strangling him. I bought an over the counter children cough medication, I have tried them all. They would usually make him go to sleep, he would still cough while his was sleeping. By taken them to the doctor that medication kills that cough in 2 days. Prescription medication has that special (ump) that over the counter meds dont have.

your best bet is to take your child to the doctor, constant cough could be serious or it could be he has allergies or asthma

my little brother had coughs for a very long time. he went to the doctor and got some strong cough medicine and it helped him a lot. hope this helps!

Mine are also coughing, I have a vaporizer in the bedrooms but if you don't have one, boil some water on the stove for awhile. Also, another trick is to set a bowl of water by their air vents (if the heat is on) it will evaporate and add some moisture to the bedroom. I also use a menthol rub but I put it on their feet instead of their chest. The chest has it right up by their mouth and seems to be to strong but putting it on and then some socks causes their feet to get warm and the menthol scent to be strong enough. It is also easier to get off the feet if they have to go out the next morning.

take em to the doctor

Best thing would be consult a doctor rather than ask common people on Yahoo answers.

Your child could have an upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia. Letting your child cough constantly and not seeing about it could cause him/her to become very ill. You need to seek an answer from the doctor. So many children are being diagnosed with asthma now days, and believe it or not, people die with it.

That it? just coughing?

How old is the child? < 2 years of age? >than 2 years but less than 8 years of age....

Is there a history of Asthma?
Is there a history of croup? RSV?

Have you talked to your doctor? Tried some steam therapy? Used an Ultra sonic nebulizer? [cost is < $60 and well worth the price. I saw one from K-mart for $30 ]

There are too many questions and not enough information given to help you out....but the steam/nebulizer therapy can help....

Get youngster to drink lots of water, and juice...

Take him to the doctor for an examination..

♥sexy momma♥ ;-)
turn the shower on HOT and close the bathroom door. Sit in the room with your child -- it will get very steamy -- but stayin for at least 15 mins -- it should help ease the cough - let tehm drink lots of water -- if it is still bad (or worse) after a few days they need to get checked out by a doctor

get some cough medicine, duh!

Talk to your family doctor - NOW

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