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Pat _
What is this annoying cough i have?
I had recently got over a Cold. However this was a different kind of cold. First it started with the WORST Soar throat that I had in my life! It hurt pretty bad every time i swallowed. I had runny nose, Ichy and watery eyes. My Eyes were bloodshoot a pretty bad! (never had that happend to me when sick) . After about 1 week I got over all those symtoms. However I was left with the most annoying cough ever! This cough does not scratch or hurt my throat at all. Sounds very bad when i cough but I feel fine. Im a NoN smoker!! What is this?? How can I help my body get rid of it??

angry fans
anti tussive

Try Mullien, go to a local health food store and ask for it, Its usually
sold as a sub lingual liquid, you use a dropper to put it under your
tongue for 15-20 seconds. It tastes kinda green grassy but not
too bad and it works wonders on lingering coughs. I had one
that lasted for over a month and it got so bad that my ribs hurt,
my bladder was shot and I was going crazy. My sister recommended the mullien and now I keep some around just in
case. Just use it often, like every time you have a coughing
spasm, soon they will slow down and eventually be gone.

yes thats a cold. it will eventually go.

So, the real question is, are you hacking up any interesting colors with this cough of yours? Yellow is not good, and green or brown is definitely a trip to the Dr. How about that sore throat last week? Was it cause by Streptococcus? You know, I had pneumonia once (diagnosed by a sputum specimen that I provided to the lab), and I felt fine except for that cough- of course my chest muscles hurt from all the hacking. And, I am a smoker. You never know what you got till you open the package. If you've got health insurance, use it. If not, make sure you don't have any trouble breathing, or start coughing up thick nasty brown stuff (or green). Meanwhile keep up with the fluids, it will help liquefy the secretions in your lungs and assist you to get them out of where they should not be. If it gets worse, go to the county hospital and give a fake name if you can't pay. Seriously, I have no problem with my tax dollars going to help people feel better.

Sounds like something that my entire family have gone thru, and we were told that it was a virus, and nothing we could take except ride it out... We have passed it back and forth for over a month now, and where I have Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, (pph) my doc put me on Levaquin as a precaution --- Good luck w/fighting it off

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

1st. Don't use anti-tussives. They don't let the liquid come out of your lungs.
2nd. Is the cough dry or wet? Do you feel like a thick liquid is moving in your chest when you cough? If so, buy an expectorant syrup to help the liquid get out. Also you might need an antibiotic, so have a doctor hear your cough.
If it is a dry cough, it will pass in 2-3 days, take some pastilles for your throat+ honey and tea, if it doesn't stop go to the doctor.
3. Bottom line is: dry cough=pastilles, wet cough=expectorant syrup, both = go to the doctor if it doesn't stop in 2-3 days to get antibiotic.

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