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What is best us climate for people with lung conditions, such as COPD?
I have COPD and the heat combined with the humidity make it very hard to breath. Need to find a place to live that might make breathing a little eaiser

I know with asthma my son did not need meds when we moved to the east coast....(pa).

Good luck!

Mine Shafts!

Knick A
A smoke - free climate is best.

do not move to a state where the altitude is high because this affects your respiration and circulation in your blood. (i think one of the highest altitudes is denver, colorado)

Sometimes there is no place like home. You might try to get a dehumidifier and make sure you have central air to make your home as comfortable as possible. If you move away, you will be away from your friends, family, doctors and the things that you like about where you are now. If you have family in another location that has mild summers and mild winters you might consider moving there. It makes no sense to move away from an area because of one bad month if the other place has terrible winters with lots of snow and ice.

Amy Renee
I have heard people moving to cooler temperatures. Possible Colorado and Nevada.

Alpha 1 ZZ
Hi There,

Do you live in Memphis Tennessee? I just thought so by your user name. Anyways I have a genetic lung disease called Alpha 1 Antitryspin Deficiency. I moved to Fort Myers Florida 7 years ago and don't have as much trouble breathing as I did living in Tennessee. The humidity is worse there than it is here. My lung function is 32% right now and I am 40. I was diagnosed at 32. Have you been tested for it? How old are you if I may ask? Alpha 1 is very common, it is just most doctors do not test for it like they should. If you have trouble breathing, or told you have COPD, or told you have Asthma, or Emphysema, Everyone should demand an Alpha 1 test. Just my opinion, because lung damage is something you don't wanna play with.

ღ♥ Cutie RRT ღ♥
Moderately cool temperatures. Too much heat and they will exhast to easily, too much cold can set off an acute attack. California is even tempered I think...

Probably a climate with a consistant temp and dry heat. I've heard Arizona and Neveda are good places for people with lung conditions.

yuk fu 2 me 2
U can make ur own climate.....quit smoking....get a good air cleaner......a good de-humidifier.....lots of purified water.....vitamins......plenty of vitamin D 1000mgs/day.....
and get away from stressful situations....get lots of sunshine and LOL daily and be very SILLY at all times........i kid u not......and take all ur meds......and surround urself with compassionate people....and u be the same.......cheaper than geographic change....and am I the only canadian on this site and yes we do have computers and ya canada has there own hillbillies and no we dont drink beer all the time....but yes the beer here is real beer thank you

I also have COPD. My pulmonary doctor told me to find a place that is cool 65 to 70 every day and very dry. I asked him where that would be and he said, "I don't know of any place like that. You just asked me what weather would help you." He is real funny!! But he did say that was the perfect weather.

Someone told me San Francisco was the best all around, even weather.
I am on oxygen 24/7. When it is hot and humid I can't go out. But I can't go out when it is extremely cold either. I am just happy when I have a good breathing day........................

A milder climate, temperature wise, with low humidity.

Northern Arizona.

High in oxygen content area like in a clean place no factorys and try ireland in the country side or permanent oxygen at home cheers

you will have to do a lot of research on your own for the right answer for yourself. COPD affects everyone a little differently, you can say such and such usually affects copd'ers one way or the other, but I have heard many say they breathe easier with a little dampness, others say they need it very dry etc.. besides the mean temperatures and altitude there is also concern about high pollution (air quality). Some areas seem ideal weather wise but when you factor in how many days of heavy smog, smoke from fires and industrial waste and other factors you might reconsider what was the first choice. Best of luck to you.

i have heard of people moving to Arizona for their breathing problems

Dry climate like Arizona.

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