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What happens to you if you inhale an inhaler and you don't have asthma?
im just wondering


gary s
Nothing.It contains inhaled steroids that stops muscle spasms of the lungs and relaxes them.They are only to be used if an asthma attack is occurring with shortness of breath,and wheezing.Anything else is a waste of medicine,that might be life or death later.

It's not a good idea but nothing happens...

But you really shouldn't do it.

Nothing, but it's NOT good for your long term lung health.

Take it from someone who has asthma, and wish he didn't have to take an inhaler when he felt like dying. They aren't good for your lungs, so don't take it trying to get high or anything like dumbs kids at school.

Kris H
Nothing happens, and you end up feeling really stupid afterwards.

the ingredients in an inhaler are bronchodialators. what this means is that it kick starts the cells in your lungs to overactivate and increase the amount of oxygen they receive.
if someone inhales who does not have restricted oxygen flow it may cause a slight euphoria effect because of the unnecessary increased oxygen.
it could also in extreme cases cause a heart attack because of increased blood flow and heart rate.
my adivce.... DONT DO IT!

Amanda S.
Nothing may have happened this time around, but you can have adverse reactions to inhalers. It can make your heart race or you can have a really bad reaction to it and your airways may close up. There is a reason why you can only obtain certain medicines through prescription only.... so if they are not prescribed to you, then you need to stay away from them. Inhalers are bronchodilators not STEROIDS. They do not increase the amount of O2 you get either. If you are on room air then you get 21% O2 no matter what.

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