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 I just find out my 12 year old son has been abusing his inhaler!!?
That he uses for his asthma, the inhaler was missing and I asked him about it then it appear an hour later, so I told him to tell me the truth about it and he would not get in trouble and he said he ...

 Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
I am looking for common alternative relief, as my passive doctor's office is all booked and cannot see me until next week.

Since I've had a cold of some form 4 weeks ago, I'...

 Does smoking marijuana make your lungs black like smoking cigarettes?

 How would u know if u have asthma?
how would u know? some people can just get an asthma attack with no warning so any1 could get it but it makes me think if we had a serious 1 we woulod die b4 ambulance got to person?...

 Do i have phenomena?
I started to get a stuffy nose,and a slight cough 4 days ago and I'm going to the doctors tomorrow and when I cough there is some mucis. Now my 2 questions are does this sound like phenomena ...

 How do I roll back some of many years i was smoking now I have given up?

Additional Details
I gave up 9 months ago.
I play badminton 3 x 2 hrs a week.
I go to gym 2 x 2hrs a week for cardio and resistance work outs.
My diet is very low in ...

 Do people with emphysema have difficulty inhaling or exhaling?

 Can active tb patient smoke 1or 2 cigs?

 Please I Beg You To Answer My Question?
So ive been to 9 doctors and i have had chest x rays and they did front back side and a breathing test and taken blood from wrist to check my oxygen level all good and i have had neurological test ...

 My bf has been tested for TB and is positive. the nurse said he is not contagios?
but needs to get an x-ray done on his lungs. does anyone know about TB and how do u know when the bacteria is active or inactive?...

 What is the best way to get "smoke smell" out of a small appartment?
We Just moved in a few days ago - and I cannot breathe!! Any suggestions??...

 What can be the cause of coughing up blood?
I have heavy congestion in my chest for a long time due to ...

 Should i stop smokin?

 What is a BCG vacination like?
Hey, I'm 14 and well on the 11th NOvember, I have to have a BCG, to prevent TB. Any-one just had it done and whats it like? What really happens and does it hurt and will it definitely scar and ...

 Will this make your kids stop smoking?
or give them a heart attack!!!

....basically if you catch them smoking or know that they do or have smoked, make them sit down and smoke an entire pack, one right after the other. I know ...

 I have had a persistent cough for over a year achy joints and have just started having night sweats could this

 How can i help a bad cough without medicine?
i am meant to be going to a barbecue later for my friends birthday and ill be drinking so i cant take medicine really. ive had a bad cold and its gone to my chest and i feel like i have all mucas in ...

 How can i make my father quit smoking?
my father smokes a lot.we have told him so much about disadvantages of smoking be he never persuades.now what can i do???...

 Worst things to do while having a sore throat?
just a list of things:

 Any cool idea about quitting smoke?

What does the term "BD" mean ?

If it's regarding a child's behavior in school--it's "Behavior Disorder". Imposible to know without the context!

It would be more helpful if u would say how it is used.

It can mean twice daily in pharmacological terms. BD = bi-daily.

Well, there's a company called "Better Diabetes."

How was it used ?

bipolar disorder

what is the context. initials can mean different things in different cituations. bd can mean behavior disorder, it can also be talking about a type of shunt in health care.

BD isn't a term, it's an abbreviation, and could mean about anything that starts with those letters.... BirthDay (BD) is a very common way to use it.

"Big Dumbass"

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