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What does it mean when your tempature is 96.3*F in the evening?
My mom has an auto immune disease called lupus and she usually doesn't throw up, but just tonight she has thrown up 2 times, and is feeling sick. She wants to know if it is a bad thing that her tempature is 96.3 degrees farenheit. Please help!


Don't worry about temp. If you took 100 people's temperature and added them all up and averaged them out, it would 98.6--it's the AVERAGE. Everyone's body goes thru a circadium cycle throughout the day when your temperature naturally increases and decreases. What is her normal temperature?? Did she take the temp orally, axillary (armpit) or rectally?? if axillary + 1 degree, if rectally (doubt it) -1 degree. If worried, call doctor.

what is "normal" is just an average for most people. my normal temp is around 97.5 so let's not put too much faith in the whole standards, but yeah, I'd still at least contact her doc inthe morning and let him know what's going on.

its a little low. normal is 98.6 so either one she is sick or just cold??? what is the temp in your home???? if it is 70 you should call her dr. asap

no it is not a bad sign that her temp is that at all that is below normal (98.6*) so she may have a low grade fever but I would not worry that is normal when you don't feel good and are vomiting. I would worry if it got about 99* though, that means infection is somewhere in the body. Also, so much pollen and things in the air can't be doing her any good.

call a nurse helpline or her doctor, whats does that mean her temp is slightly low!

That can't be right. You normal temperature is 98.6 Her's is way too low. She needs to take it again. If it still reads that low, she needs to call her doctor tonight. Something is wrong, but she doesn't have a fever at 96.3.

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