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‚ô•proud mommy of 2 girls‚ô•
What does it mean when you run out of breath fast?
my boyfriend runs out of breath very fast and im just curious what could be causing it to happen? it gets so bad he feels like he cant catch his breath like hes gasping for air, its really concerning me.. he is waiting for his insurance to kick in so he can go get checked out but in the mean time i was woundering what some od your thoughts were.. thanksss
Additional Details
omg people he is NOT fat and he is well in shape! he's about 5'8 165pds


ur either smoke your lungs arent used to it or ur over weight and its hard


]||[ MAC ]||[
As the other person suggested, he could be unfit what about a unhealthy diet, that could cause problems.
Does he smoke? or do drugs?
Medically i only of ashma, though it could be several other reasons i am not aware of, so do check it out as soon as possible just in case it si something serious.

He needs to exercise more.

inda w
it means you outta shape :)

Amusing...But pointless!
Possibly has to do with weight, or being out of shape, or possibly asthma. Is he overweight, does he smoke? Does he work out? Does he drink? When did he last have physical?

If he smokes, it could be from poor lung function due to smoking. Asthma, Heart Disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), bronchitis, Emphysema, Allergies, or just generally being out of shape could be possible reasons.

Have him make an appointment now for when his insurance becomes active.

go here sourpatch.org

I'm assuming he's not a smoker otherwise you wouldn't be asking this, because that would just be stupid. So I'm going to have to assume it's asthma or allergies. Unless there's a mucusy cough with his breathing issues, than I don't think he's ill.

resperatory system. he might have athsma or maybe he is simply out of shape.

Is he fat? Does he have asthma?

Sriteja V
Its probably asthma.


jose s
it means that hes not in good shape

asthma or yeah he needs to do more cardio

Schizophrenic Psycho
could be out of shape--or asthma

Aimee M
Probably out of shape..

Robert W
Either hes out of shape or he has asthma

If he works in the concrete, tile or sand blasting/painting business he may be exposed to Silica, Crystalline it is a lung disease that causes the lungs to be inflammed and then scars them when it heals. It also lowers the total overal lung capacity. Just a guess but I know that silicosis affects nearly 2 million americans and is also related to asbestos exposure....


He may be unfit or have asthema

it means its time to give up the smokes

I think it is just that he is unfit. He may want to try going for short jogs to steadily improve his fitness.

Sam C
You have SARS.

He probably is out of shape. Exercise and losing weight will help. If he's ever had lung problems like bronchitis, or pneumonia, that's something you can't change.

jack bakerson

he is out of shape...tell him to go get off his *** and work out.

it could mean that he has asthma (spelling)
or he's just not in very good shape

That you are unfit.

Yvonne D
Could he have asthma? Or is he overweight? Or is he just out of condition?

I guess if he smoked you would already have mentioned that. When does his insurance take effect?

Good luck, I'm sure he'll be fine - if he has any other or more serious symptoms then surely there is a free clinic where he could be treated? We don't have to pay for medical treatment here so I'm not 100% sure how it works over in the States but I've seen them on House! lol :)

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