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 What is worst: scarring or cancer?
In relativity to lungs and airways, what is considered more dire and life-threatening. I know that they are both very serious. But my way of thinking is that scarring may be worst because it can be ...

 Can you develope asthma suddenly?

Additional Details
how do they test for this besides the breathing test. i dont know what its called but they have you blow into it and it measures it somehow....

 I forget to breathe sometimes and my heart speeds up?
Well sometimes, usually like once every day or two, I hold my breath in without realizing it, which causes my heart to speed up and me jumping in panic every time it happens. It's always random ...

 I have a very sore throat, green phlegm, but no wheezing. When I cough it really hurts. What can I take?
What shall I do? Am in the office now and have no time to go to the doctors.
Its not asthma since am not short of breath and there is no wheezing.
Any help?
Thank you.

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Do Smokers even care if others don't like the smoke?
I've been staying with my grandma because she's had a hip replacement. She smokes a cigarette about 3 or more times an hour ...

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I am on anti-biotics from my gp....

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 Cigarette smoke?
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 How can my father stop smoking?

 I have a friend of mine who is having this bronchitis . can it be cured?
i have a friend of mine who is suffering from bronchitis ,she is trying all the medicenes, tablets but there is no improvement. could you please help or ...

 My mom has copd and she still smoke what will her life expectancy be?
my mom has copd (chronic obstructive pulminary disease) i have researched all of this and it keeps on telling me that they aint shore my mum has a quater of her lung taken over by this disease and i ...

 What could these symptoms mean and how can I solve it?
-Irritated and sore throat.
-Severe Cough [LOTS of phlegm and occasionally some blood]
-Bloody Noses
-Headache [I think thats caused by my sever coughing.]
-Fever [T...

 I've had a cough (chest cold) for over a week?
the cough subsided and now I woke up with a sore , scatchy throat and a head cold. Can this be a new cold or could a chest cold, cough travel to the head?...

 What is the best form of medicine for cough for a 4 year old?
my daughter suffers from cough every 4-5 weeks ,she would feel sick and cough up flem,and would be very unsettled at ...

 How can I relieve blocked nose from fever? I can hardly sleep at night..?
is there any prescriptions or sleeping positions that I can try to ease breathing difficulties? (+_+)...

 So I stop inhaling but now I'm starting smoking is it good???
Well my boyfriend has been asking me for months now to stop inhaling aerosol because he knows is very bad, so I stopped but now I smoke...and the thing is the only reason why i inhailed was because ...

 My mom is having chest pain what do i do?
mi mom is having conjestion and chest pain in her chest does anybody have any solutions other than going to the hospital because i am afrad that it might get to ...

 What is the best way to fix loud snoring?

 We just found out my daughter has asthma. :(?
She is about 6 years old, active in soccer, and just found out she has asthma. She has to take a puff of the inhaler every morning and night. Her case of asthma is kind of serious, says the doctor. ...

What does it mean when a doctor's notes describe something as being "remarkable" or "unremarkable"?
for example comments on results from tests performed and/or physical examination

Answer King
Was it when he asked you to cough?

Remarkable means there is evidence that there is evidence that something exists. Unremarkable means that there is no evidence that something exists. These relate to abnormalities in tests performed or examinations.

Jeez, ever heard of the saying that, for the newspapers, bad news is "good news"?

"remarkable" must be bad and "unremarkable" must be good there.

It is the comment which a pathologist has to put on the report card of some test.
Like for sputum test, presence of bacteria, for say TB, the pathologist has to put down Remarkable if they are present in significant number.

Remarkable means that there is something 'significant' - for example, if they saw a mass on an x-ray, they might say that it was remarkable for...

If the tests are normal, they are unremarkable.

Good luck


Remarkable: We may need to look more closely at this

Unremarkable: Don't worry about it... it doesn't matter

That it has direct bearing on diagnosis and treatment.

chILD Mom
I understand exactly where this question is coming from.... I remember sitting in the ICU with my infant daughter when the pulmonary specialist told me that her CT was quite remarkable. I thought, "Okay, remarkable is good." But no... thankfully, he saw that I wasn't quite understanding and went on to elaborate. And from everything else that was said, I learned very quickly that when a doctor says it, remarkable is bad. Quite remarkable is very very bad. Unremarkable is good. The same is true for the word impressive. Best of luck.

It literally means whether something rates being remarked about or not. Often doctors who review films will write that something is unremarkable, so that it is clear to your doctor that there is no concern. If something is remarkable, then there will follow clarifying remarks. It's not like common usage, when we use remarkable instead of fantastic, outstanding, or unbelievable.

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