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What do i have, i cough so much i throw up?
i've been coughing very hard lately for about the past 6 months, i went to the doctor about 2 months ago and i was given antibiotics, well it didn't work. i have shortness of breath after just doing some walking or exercise and i have to wheeze a little and eventually am forced to cough for a few minutes. its really the most bad when i wake up, there is like this uncontrollable force when i wake up that i have to cough, and when ever i cough there is yellow mucus with it. i have puke pretty much every morning and its always mostly just phlegm in the vomit...sorry to gross you out. my nose runs with clear stuff after every coughing attack. i am 14 and do not smoke. is it emphysema? tuberculosis? please give me your input

with love comes hate
asthma maybe??? see a doctor NOW!!!

I'm no Doc, but sounds like bronchitis. I had it a lot when I was a kid, same symptoms, 2 to 3 times a year.

Mary W
See a doctor, preferably an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Could be asthma.

Kelly G
Don't ask people you have never met on yahoo! answers what is wrong with you, even if they claim to have a profession in the medical field. To fully understand what is wrong, you need to make an appointment with your family doctor. He/She might need to send you to a specialist.
But' since you don't smoke, you can probably cross the possibility of emphysema off of your list. That is a disease you get from smoking or being around toxic chemicals for a long period of time.

You need to go back to the same doctor and tell him that the antibiotics did not get the job done. There are inhalers now with antibiotics in them, that you inhale when you start wheezing. And you need to find out why you are having a productive cough, a cough that produces yellow mucus. I am surprised the Doctor did not make a follow up appointment for you. You need to get this taken care of, ASAP

Ar J
pneumonia, emphysema, and bronchitis can cause these, particularly the 2nd. A friend of mine has a cough that's lasted years. You may want to #1 get your lungs X rayed and #2 get a second opinion.

Having a blood test run may also help, and checking into an emergency room is probably the safest way to get solid care.

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