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 RESPIRATORY THERAPY - I dont have a question, just a statement.?
Lee1946, I just wanted to let you know how greatful I am for all of the information you provided me. You have made my decision of becoming a Respiratory Therapist so clear. As a young college ...

 URGENT I cant breath, is there anything i can do?
I have a cold and a history of asthama, but i didnt need anything since i was a child for it. But since i had this cold, and temperature (mild) i keep coughing, and also im wheezing too much (like i ...

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I'll sometimes start to feel like my heart is suddenly pounding, and then I'll just start to twitch. ummm its not that bad and it stops suddenly. I don'tt know if itsseriouss and this ...

 Any remedies to control asthama??
age 48..........and another persons age is 17 both ve asthama...... pls tel some remedies to control it........

 What would happen if we had no lungs?
All i need to know is what kind of diseases could we get, if we had no lungs and how the disease could affect the body functions. Please help, T...

 How do you get some one to stop snoring ? I can not sleep at night couse of my boyfriend.Help me please?

 Am i dying?
the first thing i noticed was a very sore throat on a monday and it went away the next day...for the rest of the week ive had very bad coughing and everything hurts and sometimes i cough so much that ...

 How do YOU get rid of the hiccups?
I myself have a nasty case of them, and not just that but I make a nasty froggish sound every time I hiccup....

 Will she survive?
Will she survive she is 78 and was really sick and just all the water reomved from her lungs and now has got tubercolousis and they ahve put her in her own isolated room and giving her all the anti ...

 I have bronchitis.how to get relief from it?

Additional Details
32 years , non smoker,...

 I have not smoked in 8 days. I woke up this morning and my lungs hurt when I breathed in deep. Is this normal?

How can you stop Snoring?...

 Ok, Is their anybody that has a sure fire way to quit smoking other than the patch or gum.?
please help if you have any input other than just quit because I've tried and my nerves will not allow me to.

 How can i make my dad stop smoking?

 A long-term cough?
This isn't for me but my mum. For over a year now she has had a persistant dry cough. She has visited the doctor who just gave her some anti-biotics these did not work. She also visited the ...

 If i stopped breathing right now could you give me CPR?
how would you do it?...

 Is smoking out of a can bad?!?
Smoking out of a sodacan??...

 I am having trouble breathing and my arms are tingling.. what could this be?
I feel as though I can't take in full breaths. I keep needing to yawn so as to take in more air, and my arms are tingling pretty bad. I also feel very dizzy. I have asthma, could this be it? Or ...

 What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

Additional Details
and how can you get it?
what are signs that you have it?...

What diseases (if any) can you catch from a kiss?
To be more specific ," a passionate" kiss.

the only diseases you could catch from kissing someone is the herpes virus, which could only be spread through a cold sore. or, if they have a cut or any blood near their lips or in their mouth, and have HIV, you could contract that - but its very unlikely. also, if they have mononucleosis (mono) which is a sickness that doesnt have a cure and makes you sick, you could get that.. but you can get that just from sharing a drink with someone. generally, the risks of catching a real disease from kissing is pretty unlikely if your careful.

Ashley H
I don't know about any diseases but I know that I got Mono from kissing my boyfriend. (Hence the name the kissing disease). As long as you are healthy without any colds or anything then you should be fine.

hepatitis B

Some. But the person you are kissing must have it to spred to you.

kia marie
i know that u can catch mono and herpes from a kiss but im not sure about anything else.

any std as it is a tranfer of body fluids.Hepatitis mono herpes simplex aids the list goes on.

mrs sexy pants
mono. herpes.

Common cold/flu
Any other contagious disease

Mono, cold, flu, ebola, HIV (in theory), Hep, herpes (cold sores), etc.

Don't let this stop you from kissing anyone though, the possibilities of getting a serious ilness from kissing is pretty slim.

Mike S
colds, the flu, mono, oral herpes - cold sores

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