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I Am Seth
What causes a sharp pain on my chest area, like when I exhale it hurts more. What could that be?

When I get that pain, I have my son pop my back because
it feel like I have a rib poking my lungs. And believe it
or not It puts that rib right back into place and I can
breath freely again. Weird but it works for me.

Jersey Style
try www.webmd.com

You can have heart burn or a Upper Respiratory Infection.

Heartburn, go to a doctor to get it checked out, and watch what you eat!

hi..u might have cought cold..

(wanna chat??)

u could be suffering from stress or fatigue try drinking water sweetened with sugar alot of sugar

If it's something that goes away after a big inhale, it could be what I have:
Pleural chest pains...
When the pleura(sack surrounding the lung) loses that liquid barrier, and sticks to your lung, a quick, deep inhalation should make it go away...atleast, that's what my dr. told me...

Have you done anything that may have cracked or broken a rib?

heartach or cold or food caught in you that did not go done.

Broken rib?

pleurisy, costochondritis, intercostal muscle strain, rib fracture, thoracic disc problem, lung cancer............

stop smoking it worked for me.

Messdeck Annie
It could be any number of things, such as pericarditis, pneumonia, pleurisy, etc. The only way you will know is to see your doctor and he may recommend x-rays and other tests.

However, the site below has more information on pain in the chest when exhaling. Hope that helps, but I would suggest going to see your doctor.

Quentin Grzyb
Have you been working out in the gym? Most people who work out usually experience pain in the body or chest. When you are fatigue from exercising or coughing hard. Your chest might be hurting.

I get that too. I think it may be pinched nerves. This is normal. What you do to get rid of it is stretch your arms way above your head and arch your back taking slow breaths. Good Luck!

You are probably thinking it is a heart attack or something serious but it could be the start of a back pain. For some reason on the exact other side of the ribcage if you have put your back out it can feel like chest pains. After a few days the pain retreats to the back. Strange I realise but I have had that before after strenuous sports.

Regardless, you should consult your doctor to see what the problem is.

Sounds to me like heartburn. But if it continues go see your doctor.

you may have asthma. Also a strain muscle can produce sharp pain.

Always best to seek medical advice from an md but if you can make pain better or worse by breathing, it might just be a pulled muscle. if you lifted anything or worked out recently, that could be it

sounds like a pulled chest muscle, have you been recently sick and coughed a lot? you should see your doctor for a CORRECT evaluation!

a number of things, gas, angina, pulled muscle, see a doctor and check out webmd.com for symptoms

Victor ious
It could be anything from Pleurisy (not sure about the spelling) to a cracked rib. Pleurisy is when you cough so hard it raises a kind of blistered area on your lungs and as you breath, its like rubbing sandpaper across it causing a sharp pain.

I once sneezed so hard I literally cracked a rib! Sounds impossible but I come from a long line of hard sneezers. A hard enough cough could also do the same thing because your muscles contract REALLY tight when you cough. Its not that often it happens so you wont hear much about these.

Non the less - it could be flu related or even heart related - GO SEE A DOCTOR. Please. Hey, I asked nice, now get moving already... ;-)

Well ruling out Heart burn,(knowing you probably thought about that), you may want to get you heart monitored. I have this hert disease called six-sinus syndrom, which means that the last beat in the circulation of my heart is extended. It started out with chest pains, a progressed to minor short term memory loss, and unhealthy eating habbits. A monitor records your heart for 24 hours, and a cardiologist can tell, when they read it, exactly what the problem is. It probably isn't that serious, but you should still have it checked out.

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