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pika u
What can happen if pulse rate is too high?

How about having a STROKE! It has happened to me a couple of times, like 17 mini strokes,and 2 prety good TIA's (strokes), and age is not always a factor, I am only 48 yrs old!
So, if you are having high puse rate number, who is taking that test, home, ER room, Doc Office ?
Mine got to 188 a couple yrs ago and I was told that had I not got back to the ER when I did, it was only a mater of a few hours I would have died, because the heart would have beat so hard until it wore out!
So, anytime you have a very high heart rate seek medical attention NOW, not LATER!
100 is not really to bad, and can be caused by a few things, by asking your self what were you doing prio to taking your pulse rate? Best time is when you are relaxed, NOT after you start walking , running etc., many things can bring it up, but not up to a bad level...
But, you can actually feel your heart racing....
Best thing is make an appt with your PCP or go to ER! Never let it get to hig or you might not have time to make it, NOTHING TO PLAY WITH! Hope this helps!

You might get a heart attack because of high BP

you can go into cardio arrest

sheila v
well maybe your nervous or had just undergone straining exercise... if not you may be suffering from nervous breakdown or maybe your epileptic, whatsoever... just try to calm down and take deep breaths, ok? ^_^

Pulse rate being high by its self is not soooo bad, but if your BP is high then it is. A high pulse can come from nerves, pain, or many other reasons. It is not good to have a resting HR (pulse) greater than 100 at all. If your resting HR is greater than 100 and your BP is greater than120 I would go to the DR. immediately.

Usually patients with dehydration or decreased blood volume can have increased heart (pulse) rate. The major side effects of a high pulse rate include stomach pains, headaches and most probably going into cardiac arrest.
Cardiac arrest is where normal circulation of blood around the body ceases due to heart failure. It is also known as a heart attack.

Tom T
It may suggest you have a high blood pressure!! how is
your health and your physical activity if your blood pressure is
high it could suggest you don't get enough physical activity and eaten to many sugary foods!!! but consult your doctor do not rely on yahoo answers if you are highly concerned about your health! good luck!!

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