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What's the best way to deal with an asthma attack if you don't have your inhaler with you?

don't be that one.

lay down.dont talk.........

Well, I have asthma.

I had a really bad attack and my inhaler was out. I breathed in humid air and took really deep, long breaths. I'm not positive it will work for you, but that's what I did.

call 911

Hi, well let me tell u few things which learnt from books..
When you are out and have episode, and u dont have inhaler.... (its very common in third world countries...)

There are a few postures called relaxation positions...
In bed..... Take three pillows and pile in front of you, sit in the bed the fold ur hands and lie down in front on the pillow. now slowly breathe in thru ur nose and breathe out thru ur mouth while breathing make ur mouth as O shaped then breathe out.
In sittin in a chair and table
Rest ur hand in the table as u did in the bed and breathe as said above
In standing or walking
Just lean to wall in with ur back then lift one leg and fold ur other leg... then breathe as said above
Just lean in front of u rest ur hand on the knee( u can see this posture assumed by runners after finishing thier run, they try to catch their breathe in that way) now breathe in the way i siad above.

these are a few ways.. anyweiz visit ur Physical therapist he may be able to help much better

You should probably think about taking deep and long breaths not about what you will wear tomorrow. lol. One time I had an asthma attack and my friend told me to just slow deep breaths and in about 5 min. I was back to normal breathing again.

When without inhaler, you should drink a very strong cup of coffee. The caffiene is the next best thing to albuterol.

Sometimes pursed lip breathing can help

Remain calm. If you start to lose feeling in your fingers or hands. Call 911. I had that happen to me once. Drink coffee, don't do anything strenuous, and get your heartbeat to slow down. I've had numerous attacks since I was 20 or so. Now I take Advair. Its probably the best out there.

s l
well if you were at home and someone was going to get you either a new inhaler or take you to the er then i would say make yourself a very Strong cup of tea or coffee. and drink that. try not to panic wait until you either have the new one or your at the hospital before you do much of anything.
its hard to imagine but i am old enough to remember when we didn't have them . now when loose the thing i freak . i have to really work at staying calm and looking for it. others have no idea none at all what its like not to be able to find the thing.
you me and everyone who needs them should always have 2 on hand .

Sit down, lean forward to prop your arms so your chest and shoulders raise up. Breath in and out slowly and concentrate on what you are doing. Don't let yourself get scared because that can make it worse. If it doesn't calm down within a couple minutes, get somewhere for an inhaler or go to the ER.

emergency tips for asthma when you dont have an inhaler

(I had to learn them, they didnt have such wonderful drugs in the 1970's)

1. if at home or anywhere where you can get into a bathroom- turn on the shower or the sink with hot water only - breathe in the steam

2. no hot water in the bathroom? grab a really hot cup of coffee or tea or water for that matter... nuke it in the microwave if its not steaming - breath in steam from cup - drinking it doesnt help that much more than breathing in the steam from my experience

Above all, these really just count for those attacks that arent that severe - they are for minor ones or the slow starting ones... if you are the type that the attacks hit you hard and feirce, call 911. But above all, do your best to remain calm and know yourself, if your attacks dont usually last that long, then try to ride it out... me? I have an epi-pen and my inhaler on me at all times, my asthma will go into anaphlactic at any given time. But hey, until they come out with an inhaler that is clear so I can tell when Im close to running out, I will always need those emergency tips.

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