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Chippy v1.0.0.3b
Waking up with dry/sore throat and stuffy nose?
so it really only seems to happen during the winter or cooler months.

but every morning i wake up with this dryish-sore throat, and my nose is stuffy, and it feels like i have something in my lungs which gives me a slight cough.

i dont know if it doesnt happen in the summer/warmer months because i have my windows open or if it is because the air is generally drier in the winter/cooler months or what.

is there anything else that causes this? and any other fix?

Find out if it is too dry in your house. Take a towel and completely submerge it in the bathtub at night. Hang it up and if it's completely dry by morning, it is too dry in your place. If so, try a humidifier.

Itsa Secret
Is your heater on? Maybe you need to change the filter.

Graham W
probably u have mucus running down you throat and u have alergies. mucinex its great for that knd of stuff

not 30 yet
The dry air in the winter months usually cause this. Get a humidifier and if that doesn't work you may wish to try a salt lamp. Some people have had good experience with that but I personally have never tried it.

it sounds like you have been snoring due to a stuffy nose. and your throat is dried up. Take a decongestant and maybe some syrup.

Kris L
You need to get humidity into your bedroom. My husband and I have the same problem, and we now have two fish tanks in the bedroom (a drastic fix, but we like fish) and we are FINE when we are asleep and when we wake up. You need to raise the humidity to a level where your throat doesn't dry out, or your sinuses. Get a humidifier or just set a gallon or two of water that is 'open' at the top in your room. You will sleep better, and wake up feeling 'normal' again.

Usually, the culprit is the dryness of your home heating system. in the winter, the house is buttoned up tight and dry heat is running almost continuously.You may want to consider purchasing a humidifier, and using that during the winter months. If you are a sinus/allergy sufferer, that makes the problem worse, but routine dryness etc., should be helped by a humidifier.

Trea (pron.tree)
If you have any kind of heat going in the house it can dry out your sinus cavities and throat. We go through that every fall and winter with my hubby! It actually is the only times of the year that he snores and he would always wake up with a sore throat from the snoring. I went and purchased a humidifier and put in our room for the months that we do use the heat. It has helped tremendously!!! Hope this helps!

if your a smoker than that makes it worse, but it happens to me too especially at season change

This happens to me a lot. I have allergies and sinus problems that cause these symptoms

Because I Said So aka Kitten
Sounds like maybe some allergies and the dry air - also the sore throat could be since your nose is stuffy you are breathing through your mouth while sleeping and this will cause your throat to feel dry and sore in the mornings.

I feel that way when I sleep with a fan on in the room, do you run a fan???

Nope get a humidifier. The dry air causes the stuffy nose and sore throat.

It sounds like allergies. I get them in the colder months on account of plants dying and such. The fact that the heat is on doesn't help because there's a lot more dust being stirred around, especially when it first comes on.

Claritin has helped me, even the store brand stuff. If it doesn't work, try a doctor. Claritin may work immediately for you, or it may take some time to build up in your system.

peter d
probably just started using your cenral heating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this dries out your sinusus.
which r meant to b moist to prevent germs getting up ya beak.
get some fresh air. good walk in the cold air il get ye nose runny

throat sprays

Mandolyn Winter Wonder Land
Sounds like seasonal allergies. I get them too, but usually in the Spring and Fall- then by Winter they clear. I have all those same symptons, but I also sneeze a lot when I wake up when I have allergies going on. I would get some benedryll and try that, or if that makes you sleepy, just get some over the counter loratadine tablets- they work on allergies.

A few possibilities....
If you live in a colder/drier climate, it could just be that you dehydrate at night due to the lower absolute humidity in the air that you breathe during the winter months. To fix that, drink some water before bed and set up a humidifier in your room before going to sleep.

It could be an allergy to something around your house that gets naturally blown out during the summer months when your windows are open. Cat saliva (yes, I said saliva... it's not the hair that people react to), dog dander, cigarette (and other) smoke, dust and any house plant pollens could be examples.

Since it seems to only happen first thing in the morning when you wake up, I'd put my money on a dust mite allergy though. Don't worry, everyone has them, it's normal. Wash your bedding in HOT water at least once per week, and get plastic covers for your pillow and mattress. This will stop the mites from getting to your airways.

Check with your doctor too... between the seasonal dry cough and stuffy nose, you may have mild asthma. A low dose corticosteroid (like fluticasone or beclomethasone) could solve all of your coughing woes. Remember though, prevention is the best medicine so find out what you are actually allergic to with a skin test (see your doc for a referral) and eliminate those things that you are. With luck, you'll wake up cough-less soon!

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