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BENDER IS THE BOMB!!! (Fav show)
Waht is a TB test?
i had a shot in school today. and it is still red. will it be still red for a while?

TB test can be two of three things it could be a technical booster or of coarse it could be a teburculoses(hope i spelled it right) test

thats normal it will fade. It tests to see if you have been exposed to tuberculosis. If its possitive you will know quickly

A TB test is not really a shot they put some fluid like a bubble just under the skin then 2 days latter look at it and see if any changes have accured. It is looking to see if you have the antibodies of tuberculous a very contagious disease. If it is positive then you have to have a lung x-ray.

TB is an air born disease they will test if you have TB by placeing fluid under your skin like a little patch it will look like an aunt bit then if the fluid goes away with in the few days they give you to come back your good other wise they will do more extensive testing i had to get a TB test done to work in a child care center in 2001 so good luck i came clean im sure you will too

Believe me, TB is not something you want to have.

Test for tuberculosis and a red spot is common and will go away unless you are positive then it may get bigger or worse in some way!

The TB shot usually hurts the most, usually takes a day for it to disappear.

A TB test is a tuberculosis test. I have never heard getting a shot for a TB test, so you must be talking about some other shot you got today. It is not uncommon to have a red spot after getting a shot.

Gothic Rose
It is a test for tuberculosis. It will be red for awhile but should go away within a week or two.

TB test also known as PPD, is a test to see if you have been exposed to tuberculosis. The red mark on your arm will actually disappear eventually, but we use it to see how big it gets. If its 10 cms or more that means you've been exposed to TB if its small like 3-5 cms then you dont gotta worry about it. Basically its just a Hypersensitivity to the injection they gave you which is an attenuated version of the TB infection. Hope that helps.

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