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 My daughter has pneumonia but i dont know how to help ?
i went to the doctor and they said that she has pneumonia and prescribed some amox-clav and i feel that its not strong enough for her she says that her head hurts her shes only six years is there ...

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 Soar Throat?
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 How does smoking affect the enviroment?
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 I was wondering why I felt this feeling of having trouble breathing...?
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 Can you take two different antibiotics at the same time?
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 I seem to have chronic bad breath - comes from my chest/stomach area i think-suggestions?

 My son 7 complain of chest pain, is this possible?
could it be something serious or just heartburn..he said it in the middle of his chest....

 I have white chunks at the back of my throat.?
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 What is the health risk of mold from water leaks in a house?

 What does passive smoking mean?
What does passive smoking mean?
Additional Details
Im getting different answers... which one is right?!?!...

 Why does he kept on looking at my chest?

 Is there any one who could tell me where in China a heat transplant is carried out?
i would aprreciate it , if you know an address of e-mail or website ....

 Please help!! Sore throat :(?
I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat! :(
I have plans for the whole weekend & I don't want to be feeling like this! Does anyone know anything that will help me quickly?!

 Gerd what can i do?

 Does anyone use Nyquil Medicine to just sleep?
Does anyone know anyone who uses Nyquil Medicine to just sleep? And if they do, is it harmful? and also, if its ok to just use it to use it to sleep for just 5 hrs?...

 Will moving to the seaside sort out my constant mucus hacking?
I don't smoke, eat healthily, not much dairy, exercise regularly, etc. But over the last few years I have to hack up mucus every few hours. The mornings are worst and I find my self wretching ...

 A bit of red or blood phlegm in throat cough, itzit normal?
i been coughing very badly for the past few days.. itzit cancer??...

Strange sensation in my windpipe?
I have been having a common cold and have been coughing slightly. Now the past 4 days I have this strange sensation in my trachea which is like... when I breathe out a sore sensation goes down my trachea... Help please?

i think some bugs hatched in your stomach and they are trying to crawl out

"gimme two points and a thumbs up ! Help a brother out!"

hi aim physiotherapist and yoga instruct er.....as you have said u r facing little bit irritation of Trachea which gives out burning sensation and the sore feeling may bee of gastric juices so follow this techniques OK.....sit in vajarsan postion and breath air slowely and relase slowely but give the word ommmmmmmm slowely ok and practise it for 12 times for week if u dont see any chnage still u r feeling any iritation beter consalt ENT specalist.. all the plzz say mee did my yoga exesises helped u r not ok

You have probably irritated your trachea with coughing, and now it's healing it feels 'cold' when you breathe. I'd suggest a warm water inhalant from your pharmacy to soothe your throat. Have a great day.

Sometimes an allergy can make or feel like that or perhaps your trachea is raw due to the cold. Best to check it out with a doctor.

I've had a similar feeling, but only after vigorous coughing. I asked a doctor about it and he said that sometimes rough coughing can bruise your esophagus, and cause some disturbing sensations, even down to your stomach.

If it doesn't go away in a couple days, call a doctor, just to play it safe.

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