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Sinus infection?
can a sinus infection make you throw up, feel tired, achy all over and have constipation/diarrhea?

I've thrown up from sinus infections before....usually when i have a lot of phlegm and swallow it rather than spitting it out.

Jennifer T
- lots of fluids

- Benydril

- keep a thermometor near by

- don't be too active relax and don't move around

- record thermometor readings

i get them and i haven't had those symptoms.you might have something else wrong.Go see a physican to make sure and check your antibiotics.

A sinus infection can give you everything you listed but the constipation and diarrhea.

ann s
Go to the dr's for a refferal to an ENT Specialist, feeling tired is normal, even achy all over yep, throw up yep if you have cysts in or around your sinsus it can make you throw up. The constipation has got me beat. if the ethmoid and frontal sinuses are affected the pain tends to be above the eye and behind them rather than in the cheek. if you are taking pain killers for the pain yes I could understand the constipation, if you are on antibotics I could understand diarrhea, either way you really need to see your dr.
Hope you feel better soon

Well i've had a sinus infection before and it felt like i had a cold in my nose for a long time. You know just the continual colored snot. I didn't throw up, didn't have constipation or diarrhea, but i did feel tired.It's not that bad.

Sinus infection can make you feel tired, achy all over, but not constipation or diarrhea................

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