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danny s
Should i just stay in bed or should i stay somewhat active with a fever?
I feel like i'm getting a fever so i've been drinking alot of water and cold drinks. Should i just relax in bed or is it ok to stay sorta active as long as i'm not exerting myself too much?

Get covered with a heavy blanket and sweat that fever out. It always works for me!

Do what feels best. You are doing the right thing by drinking fluids. The extra fluids will help flush out the germs( for lack of a better word).

As your temperature drops you will feel better.

Covering up with heavy blankets only keeps the fever up and does you no good.

DON'T go around spreading your germs. Stay home from work or school until you are not sneezing and coughing your germs to everyone.

you shoudl relax your body is already workign hard to fight this you dont want to add any physical stress to it! drink your fluids and relax!! take fever reducers too, you want your body to stay cool

stay at home in bed lots of comfort food lots to drink take paracetamol and get someone to take goood care of you!

rest yourself it is the best cure keep drinking loads of water or you could go out tonight get hammered and you won't even know you are sick until tomorrow

You need to stay in bed. The reason you have a fever is because your body is trying to fight the infection off. Lay in bed, sip something cool so that you won't be so hot. You'll also sweat the infection out in your sleep. I HATE going to bed when I have a fever because I always wake up soaked but it's a good thing so sleep as much as possible.

Dr. C
There is actually no evidence whether bedrest or activity is better during a fever. As long as you are not over-exerting yourself, you should be fine. There is evidence that strenuous activity may suppress the immune system. In fact, marathoners and endurance athletes have a high risk of getting sick after a major race.

The most important thing is to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth if you cough/sneeze, and avoid close contact with others to avoid passing any infections to others.

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