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Should i go to work tomorrow?
had bronchitis. cant afford to be off any more but at least can get cover. been coughing all morning and then threw up. but feel better now. am asthmatic and think will be coughing a lot till completely recover. but feel tired

Princess B2B 29th Nov 08.
what a stupid question. only you know if your capable of going to work tomorrow.,,why the hell do you feel the need to ask a bunch of strangers what you should do on such a silly subject. get a life. go to work, dont go..why should we care?

no u shudn't!u'll be reli troubled.as it is medication for asthma makes u feel weak!e1 i have asthma. i would'v nvr gone.cos breathing trouble can occur anytime!

if you're throwing up, feeling tired, hv bronchitis wats ur problem?

Fiona F
Do you honestly think your boss would allow you distract everyone with your constant coughing and general sounds of illness?
Pose this very question to your boss and see what they say.

Sona S
do you need the money? if not then take the day off on your boss. tomorrow tooooooo......

stay home. if you feel physically unable to go to work and do work without throwing up then i suggest you don't go. work something out with your boss because he/she should know that you are unable to work if you're throwing up and coughing all over the place.

Hope this helps!!

Stay at home and rest cos it wont do u any good!

Hayden Profitt
Sometimes your body lets you know you gotta crash....If you feel bad tomorrow, take the day off.

You should realllllyyyy take a leave.There's no point coming in to the office but then you can't concentrate doing your work. Better have enough rest at home. Your employer should consider employees who are really sick.

Get well soon..

No. Have more rest.

Frankly you don't sound fit for work and you should see your GP as the asthma is obviously a complication. The last thing en employer wants is somebody coughing and spluttering around the workplace. See how you feel tomorrow and make a decision. But I understand where you are coming from ... you don't want to take time off for the sake of it. Guess you have had a fair amount of time off? Best bet is to get yourself sorted and then get back to a committed work-style.

stay home.. going to work is only going to make you feel worse not to mention spread your germs.. fell better

stay home cause if you go to work tomorrow you might start coughing lot and people don't like it..... and you could get worst

Rita J
It sounds like your body has taken soooo much already one more day of rest may help to make you stronger for longer..... But if it is going to cause a fuss with coworkers you could show and have a half day..... see how you feel in the AM

I would go into work tomorrow if I was you.

Get better first. Rest as much as you can. Don't feel guilty at the end of the day health IS the most important thing in your life.

Go and let them see how sick you are, then go home really early.

J Doe
You should tgake it easy until tomorrow. Try working a half day if possible & don't forgrt your inhaler.

no, stay at home. the weather will do you more harm when your not well. stay at home with a hot toddy, as my gran always said.( a bit of whisky in a glass full of hot water and a bit of sugar) get well soon...

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