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Dan S
Quitting smoking; when does it get better?
I am day 102, still wanting a smoke and feeling a general depression which somehow HAS to be connected... if you have "been there", at what point for you did it get better?

I Spew Offensiveness
It gets better when you light up again

smoke smoke smoke

it really should of lessened by now , but if u mean the desperate wanting of a smoke when u see,smell someone having one, i'm afraid that never goes away it just gets easier to say no!!
if ur feeling generally depressed without them u should maybe seek someone to speak to about it, i was told that it is close to losing a close friend n u need to grieve n fill the gaping void left after u've stopped..........nice eh?
it will get better evetually , don't give up u've come so far
go spend some of the money u've saved on something nice to cheer u up!!
good luck x

When your alive do to not smoking.

Insane guitar sk8 combo
When you just really give up smoking and not want to damage your health anymore.

It depends on how long you've been smoking before you quit. For example, a friend of mine who smoked for a year and then quit, said she only felt normal after 2 months. I remember she was drinking water all the time, and constantly chewing on stuff like gum and herbs.
It could also depend upon your body and how much time it requires for you to detoxify your system. Giving up anything you used to rely on always leaves us with a bad, empty feeling for a while, but if you just hang in there, I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon.

Matt P
after about one year it is a lot easier you just gotta find something to do when you want to have a smoke

It took me about 3 months to finally feel normal again. Dont give up It gets easier every day. I used Chantix and it helped a lot. You already made it past the really bad part so dont start agin. Godd job and hang in there.

Hang in there, Dan. I am over day 130 since 4-15. I still have some withdrawals from stop smoking, it all depends on how long you smoked and varied from each person on withdrawals.

But one thing for sure is that it gets easier and healthier. Congrats on your stop smoking and more importantly, keep it up!!

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