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Question about bronchitis, body soreness, tingling & numbness on one side?
I have had bronchitis as well as a cold for about two weeks. Already went to the doctor, no antibiotics. I have been coughing up lots of green/brown mucus. Lots of coughing.

For the past few days, I've felt mild abdominal soreness, mild lower back discomfort, chest tightness/soreness most noticeable on the left side, and numbness/tingling in right arm, side and leg.

I'm guessing that the mucus/chest soreness is from bronchitis and coughing. But what about the numbness and tingling? I was playing darts the other day and also I type constantly on a laptop, could that be a cause for the arm issues? Then, perhaps I pulled or strained a back muscle which is causing the leg/back/side numbness and tingling?

I am just guessing. My husband thinks I'm a hypochondriac. Maybe I am. I don't want to go to the doctor and embarrass myself complaining about all these different symptoms, but I'm scared. BTW I am 29 yr old/F

Any thoughts on the cause of these various issues?


You don’t have to get worried about it. It could be because there is not enough blood circulation due to perhaps disuse atrophy or perhaps due to the fact that part of your body was at rest for two or three hours. You can find good home remedies for this. I did find some at http://ailments.in/peripheralneuropathy.html

Did your doctor happen to mention that there might be something you are reacting to in your home? The EPA says our homes are 2-5 times more polluted than outdoors (and sometimes more!!). I'd love to share more of the information I have so email me at alcoserfamily@yahoo

Green mucus is from an infection. Go back to the doctor. You need a chest x-ray as it sounds like you have fluid built up in your lungs, thus the pain. If you have medical insurance use it. You are paying for it for just such occasions.

Call your doc and see if you should come in. That way you don't have to waste your day in the office, since you've already been, and spend more$$. Most will help you over the phone if you've already seen them.

If you want to try some over the counter stuff, I strongly recommend Zicam. That's the best stuff ever. It won't make you exactly feel better, but you WILL get better faster.

I think it sounds like your body's just worn out with coughing and being sick. But I'd call the doc anyway, just in case...

If you're concerned and you have the time/money/health insurance I'd go to the doctor's ESPECIALLY if you're uncomfortable. That's what the doctor is there for. They may end up just giving you something to make you more comfortable but at least you'll feel better and not have to worry about it. In the end a doctor is the only one who can really tell you if there's something seriously wrong. Don't be embarrassed to go in even if it's something small (after all you're paying them). Good luck. I hope everything is fine.

Sounds like a stroke

FWIW I went thru 2 years and 8 doctors before I found my problem

I give them 2 shots, it they don't have a plan, I go to someone else Live is too short to put up with them

its a heart attack

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