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mr c
Pneumonia will i keep getting it
i tend to get a chest infection / pneumonia same time each year why is this?

Jack J

I don't really know but from experience of my 9 year old daughter,she got pneumonia(a very bad case left undetected until she actually stopped breathing) she made a good recovery whilst in intensive care but unfortunately she has limited lung function in one lung.She has never had pneumonia since(probably because every time she wheezes now or looks out of breath I rush her to the doctors) My child has developed Asthma since ( quick onset type which requires her to go straight to hospital).
It seems to my mind that you never really recover from Pneumonia,breathing problems will always be as issue,either physically or mentally!!!

Crystal A
Maybe your around the same triggers for it every year. Did you get your pneumonia vaccination? I also suggest going to pulmonary doctor and maybe they can help you break the yearly cycle. I actually been having the same problem over the last 3 years. Move to Connecticut from Florida and get hospitalized for pneumonia. Next year in the hospital again with the flu and pneumonia. This year I moved back to Florida and some girl at work got sick and I end up in the hospital with boderline pneumonia. Can't win :-( Now that I have insurance I'm going to goto the pulmonary doctor to see what happens. I hate being a pin cushion in the hospital. Good Luck and I hope you can break the yearly trip!

pneumonia is not caused by the weather!!! first of all lol. it's caused by an infection either viral or bacterial or it can also be caused by some other substance being aspirated into the lungs. the thing is that once you've had pneumonia you are going to be more susceptible to it in the future. lung tissue does not rejuvenate. there are things that make you more likely to get pneumonia.....if you have any type of lung disease, your age, your activity level, whether or not you smoke. the best advice i can give you is to see a pulmonologist. also good hand washing is the best defense against the spread of infection.


May I suggest that you get checked out by a Doctor specialising in respiratory medicine. You could have some sort of allergy that makes you suseptible to recurring infection. Do you know if the pneumonia is viral or bacterial?

In any case you should get this followed up as you could be causing permanent damage to your lungs.

I had several bouts of pneumonia when I was younger and I am now
an asthmatic so do yourself a favour and look into this. Good luck to you.

pneumonia is cause by coldness

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