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 OK what is the cure all for a cold, runny nose, aches and pains all over?

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My nose is raw from blowing it HELP...

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Please help me, I have a running nose and im always coughing!?

Er, seek medical advice?

dear, may be u should take drops for your nose and visit your doctor soon as possible

Go to a doctor

your dying

you might have allergies, and maybe if you don't really know what it is go to your doctor and ask him or her! what kind of medicine you would get?

You might have allergies, take some clariton. But it would probably be best if you saw a doctor, because if you have an infection, they can give you an anti-biotic, not to mention, they would know the best medicine for you.

i would agree that you might have allergies

you have a cold.

A running nose could be the outcome of a sinus problem - which can best be judged by an ENT Specialist.
If your are a smoker, that could most possibly be the cause of your constant coughing. Stop, at least for a couple of days, and see !
If not, a parched [dry] throat could also cause coughing - which can be easily reduced [not cured !] by a cough-drop : its mentholated liquor mixes with your saliva, and streams down your gullet - which moistens the throat, and retards the impulse to cough.
Hope these simple tips from this non-medico are of some use : Get well, soon !

I disagree with the recommendation for the mentholated cough drop- these are actually irritating and can exacerbate a chronic dry cough.

drink plenty of water... vitamin C... always bring a handkerchief

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