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One little cigarette...?
This past year was, for me, a year of new experiences with entering college. My life has been a sheltered little hobbit hole...and most people can imagine just wanting to experiment. (what's about to be said was the worst thing i did so i haven't really ventured far...hahahaha) Well, one night, two of my girl friends and i went driving and we stopped at a playground. haha. We had a blast taking pictures...but my friend pulled out a pack of chick cigarettes...they're black and they have a really sweet taste. Well...as i said, i was curious...and she offered me a smoke. I...being the good guy haha said only one puff. I didn't even have the whole thing! just one puff...Since then, i've wanted to buy a pack, but i don't want to get into the habit of smoking...am i an addict after one puff? I didn't even inhale it into my lungs...i kinda just let it sit and blew it out...and i enjoyed it...but am i an addict with just one puff?
Additional Details
CLOVE!!! yes...that's what i had...but she also said it was a chick cig...so that's what i've been referring to them as...

it's been about 9 months since i had the one puff...and i haven't bought myself a pack yet...so i have resisted...but i always want to...everytime i see them...i want to...but don't want to get into smoking because i know of how bad it is...thanks for your answers...i'm still unsure though...

Hayden N
no your not an addict, you actually want to buy a pack to see what it feels like to smoke because it is a new experience for your body. but most people who do this want to buy another pack to see what it feels like again, and usually about this time, they are addicted and they will find out they are smoking every day.

So a lil advice, if you dont want to smoke dont buy that packet, cause if you do you will most likely find yourself addicted.

No you're not addicted, you just want to try one. You're curious.

ha, i always told myself i would never start smoking because my mom is a smoker and i always hated it. but one night i was drinking at a friends house and we go outside and all of them were smoking, i wouldnt say i was pressured into smoking, but i was drunk and i guess i was a bit curious and i smoked my first cigarette. ofcouse i didn't inhale it but after that i did think about it a lot. then i bought a pack, and i wouldn't say im addicted but i do smoke now. but i can go days or weeks without a cigarette.

No, you are not an addict....yet!!!. My advice to you is don't start smoking on a regular basis, as it is a hard habit to kick. I used to smoke and two years after quitting, it is still hard to resist.

The definition of Addict as defined by Google:
A person who cannot resist a habit, especially the use of drugs or alcohol, for physiological or psychological reasons.

Do you think you cannot resist this habit or do you just want to buy a pack to try it? If you cannot help yourself and you MUST go and buy it that would classify you as an addict.

One puff or one whole cigarette could get someone addicted but it's if you cannot resist it that makes you an addict.

Hope that helps.

You probably just didn't fully satisfy your curiosity, but are not addicted (yet). If you do buy that pack though, you do run the risk of actually becoming addicted. I say don't take the risk. I've only had one drag in my life also, and that was 10 years ago. It was neither bad nor good, it was nothing, but I have no desire whatsoever to smoke anything in any capacity in the future.

by your description of the cigarette, i would say it was not a chick cigarette at all, but a clove cigarette. they are sweet tasting from the cloves and the benzocaine in them. any way, you are not addicted from one puff...or even one cigarette. i can tell you though that smoking is the worst thing to get into. drugs make more sense. and those cigarettes cost almost double what regular cigarettes cost, so please resist the urge to get more! a pack won't kill you, but it's an easy habit to pick up.

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