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My son has a temperature when should i be worried his temperature is to high?
i have took his temperature in the last hour and it said 39.1 he has other cold symptoms and a nasty sore throat
Additional Details
he had his dose of calpol at 6.45 tonight
he is just in pants and vest but is saying he is cold

Matt Kevin
He doesn't need to be cool ffs! He need to sweat.!! anyway, a really good solution which really helps even when it's much worse is to mildly scrub/wash the nude body with vodka- just sodden a towel with vodka and kinda wash him. then blanket him. it should help. but anyway, if it gets higher than 39 you have to start to worry- it's definitely not good for his heart even more so if hes young. if the vodka method doesn't help, get a doc who will get his temp quickly down by injection

Gerry Atrix
Do not give Calpol more than 4 hrly.
Sponge him down and if the T does not come down in half an hour phone out of hours service.
Normal temp is 36 .8degrees C.

if i was you i would be taking him to emergency GP, anything over 37.5 is considered has a raised temp. the normal is around 36.5. he may have an infection somewhere but you should be seeking medical advice.

Undetermined age male with a temp of 39.1 C. Cold symptoms {?} and sore throat.

Ok, temperature is a concern. Normal temp is 37 C per all the physio books.

Curiousity question- Any white spots in the throat? If so, could be strep throat...that would necessitate a doctor prescribing ABX [that's anti-biotics for you non-medical types].

You don't mention what type of cold symptoms. I am going to assume the runny nose and smelly feet [ activities that needs to change appendages, IOWs nose needs to smell, and feet need to run] and prolly has a nasty cough.

If the temperature last greater than 24 hours, you need to get him to a physcian to get ABX. In the mean time, TEPID water is what is best in cooling off the body. [not cool water, as expoused by some here, and there is a difference]. Tylonol is good in droping fevors as well.

Also, get a room humidifer that will throw a good mist out into the childs room. It should have a variable control to adjust the pizo electrial output...IOW, the mist should be adjustable from a light fog to a heavey fog, Cost from Walmart was $30-60.

And push SIPS of water...not sugar flavored water, just plain good tasting sips of h20.

Ok, there you have it....watch him carefully...monitor that temperature...if it continues to rise, go to the ER....

Hope that helpes...

If your worried call your doctor, they will tell you what to do and whether he needs to be seen, you should'nt hesitate to get advice, you should not try to resolve this yourself, all children get ill but I believe that you cant afford to take risks, hope he feels better soon x

39.1 is on the high side. In young children it can be considered 'normal' for the temperature to be up to 38 degrees on an evening (provided they are otherwise well) although @37 is the absolute norm. Calpol should take effect within an hour. Make sure you keep him in minimal clothing and that the room isn't overheated, around 15-18 degrees is fine.
Tepid sponging is no longer recommended but just wipe his hands and face with a cool, not cold, facecloth. Most sore throats do not need antibiotics and are self-limiting, in other words tend to settle on their own. If he has a tonsillitis though he may well need treatment. Make sure you give extra fluids as he will lose fluid with his fever and you don't want him to become dehydrated.
See how he goes with cooling measures. If they do not work then speak to the out-of-hours GP or ring NHS Direct on 0845 4547.

Dr Frank
Temperature itself is more part of the body's defence system rather than the disease. There is some, non-mainstream, work that suggests that untreated high fever quickens the body's ability to deal with disease. Some children develop hyper-pyrexias ( very high fevers), that can predispose to febrile convulsions. These are more a reflection of problems withe the child's hypothalamic temperature regulatory system and are independent of the infection. In most children however one seldom sees temperatures much above 40C, no matter what the infection.

spongebobs biggest fan
try using some cool and soothe patches or just a damp flannel will work just as well

if the temp doesnt come down with calpol take him to the gp out of hours service and get him checked over...

hope all is well

Give him some calpol and sponge him off with cool water. Give him sips of cool boiled water for his throat. If his temp doesn't come down after the sponging he may need some antib's so a doctor will be needed.

I don't know what his temperature should be but have you taken his covers off. Is the heating off in his room. It is important to bring his body temperature down.

For children over two if the temperature is 40.56c (105f) then take him to the doctor. If the child is under two then it's recommended to take him at 38.3c (101f). If it's not yet to this point just try giving him infant cold/flu medicine and see if it goes down.

Well you need to ensure that his temp doesnt get any higher as this can lead to a seizure. Give him capol suspension. Take off ecxess clothing,...he needs to be cool and give fluids (water)

drewy monster
give him some calpol that will help

sally c
I was advised if my sons temperature went higher than 38 call a doctor, so call a doctor as his temp is higher, if you are UK call NHS direct they are extremley helpfull, give him lots to drink and check temp every hour and after giving calpol give it half an hour to kick in then test temp again

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