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My sense of smell has gone what could cause this?

If you can still taste you should be OK

Do you snort cocaine?

a cold maybe

My late mother suffered from nasal polyps and had no sense of smell. You should see an ENT Surgeon.

Dr. Joe
Is it 100% gone?

If its there but mild then u may b having cold or something.
Wash ur nose. Ur olfactory epithelium shud not be covered with some dusty material or so....

It dosen't seem to be permanent!

dean c
sneezing instead of sniffing.

stuffy nose? sinis problems.

If you smoke you can lose your sense of smell.

usually sinus or allergy problems

Along with other suggestions like allergies, colds, etc a zinc deficiency can effect your sense of smell. Take a daily vitamin with zinc in it

loss of smell is called anosmia which could be caused by a number of factors,it can happen through aging,smoking,why dont you make an appt with your gp

Gene Guy
This depends on how much of your sense of smell has gone. There are a number of reasons why you can lose or have a diminished sense of smell. These range from viral infections such as a cold or flu to bacterial sinus infections to damage to the sensory epithelium of the nose. If you have suffered a complete loss of your sense of smell you should be seen by your doctor.

Give up the lines of "Charlie" get some rehab' you'll be fine in a while.

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