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My poor 3 year old son is coughing continuously, any help on helping him through it?
He is cough, cough, cough. there seems to be no break in it at all.
He is bringing up his food and drink, due to the coughing fits.
We went to the GP yesterday after 4 days of this illness and was given antibiotics.
His chest was clear, i can't understand why he is coughing so much. He is so worn out with it all!
He was also given an inhaler and spacer, due to him having an underlying cough for around 12 months.
But the coughing over the last 4-5 days is horrendous!
We were given it to try out in case the ongoing cough could be asthma.
Is there anything we can do to help him, we feel so helpless.
sipping water does'nt seem to do a thing.
Any suggestions?
Additional Details
Do i have to choose a best answer?
How can i with all the very kind answers?
It shows how many kind and thoughtful people are out there.
Thankyou to every one of you!!
sam xxx

Just wanted to send you a quick note and a prayer for you and your little one. I think the steamy bathroom suggestion makes sense. I would try to incorporate Eucalyptus oil into the steam. Try putting some in bath water. Close the door and let the room fill up with steam.

Call your Dr. asap. for additional support. They may have something helpful to offer...and/or will direct you to an Urgent Care.

Don't delay! You've done a lot so far, so something is a miss.

Best of luck & well wishes!!!!


i find that simple linctus is the best thing to have, if you add some to some warm water it is even better.
You can pick it up in any chemist, for about £1.

I hope he gets better soon and can hold things down. If he hasn't been getting enough water and throwing it back up again please be careful that he dosent get dehydrated!

Did the inhaler work, with helping the cough? if not ask the doctor more about the asthma and if you want to monitor his lungs you can by getting a peak flow at the chemist or from the GP which will help you to see what his lung capacity is like and this will help the GP to see what is going on!

Hope he gets better soon and if in doubt go to the hospital ... better to be safe than sorry!

karen's revenge
my son is exactly the same... and on a few occasions he's literally lost his voice from coughing so much. he too has an inhaler, but although it helps clear his lungs, it doesn't stop the coughing.

your son would be better off sipping a warm drink, rather than water, to help sooth his cough and his throat. i find that a warm sugar-free or low sugar Ribena helps. it's also got vitamin C in it, which may help his recovery a little. i realise that he's too young for cough sweets, but giving him a fruit pastel can help.... sounds daft, but it does help. although obviously that's only something u can do during the day...
also, i find that my son will only sleep on his back, which is the worst position to sleep in if u are asthmatic or having breathing problems. i prop my son's head and shoulders up on 3 pillows when he's suffering. also, u could try having some kind of humidifier in his room, or failing that, a wet towel that's been wrung out a bit, placed over a radiator helps, and is a lot cheaper !

other than that, all u can do is offer him loads of sympathy and hugs, and hope that he gets over it as soon as possible... and obviously, if he gets any worse, take him to see your doctor.

good luck. hope he feels better soon. x

sipping honey and hot water soothes the throat
hope he gets better soon Trixy

well 1st of dont worry just yet as my baby girl has had this since she was born she now 11months old and still the same wat i have done so far to help my little princess

1--- i have taken out all cuddley toys out of room
2--- i have taken carpet out
3--- i have taken curtains down
4--- got really good hoover
5-- applyed for a grant to get all this replaced with wood flooring and blinds and for hoover and also her bedding all hade to be changed as she needs all dust free alergy free stuff as for her teddies put them all in clear bags so she still has them in room and got a wedge to put under her mattress so she tilted up right but not to far i run my shower every night as well as bath till bath room full of steam then i take her in and we sit on the floor till she pooring with swet(me also) this really does help as to see speacilist in this condition and you will see a consultant and trust me they great good luck with your little angel hope these little things help

Well my son was kind off the same way and his Dr put him on pulmicort & Xopenex in a neubalizer and it helpd him his cough started to ease up which ended up being asthma. His cough would get worse at night. so I just give his treatment right when he goes to bed.

Julie R
First, did they check him out for whooping cough? Sometimes kids with coughs like that really have whooping cough. Second, he might have a sinus infection, with stuff dripping down his throat making him cough. If thats the case, and he's had this underlying cough for a while, he might need the antibiotics for a longer period of time than usual to clear it up- like 3 weeks or so. And has he been tested for allergies? Could be that too (maybe even along with a sinus infection). Try the inhaler, see if it helps. A warm shower can also help bring up the gunk and soothe the cough. If the inhaler and antibiotics don't seem to help, let the Dr. know so you guys can try to figure out what the underlying problem is. Good luck!

You need to phone NHS Direct and get adevice
from them asap, or you can look on the website
under Netdoctor.co.uk.
I hope this helps.
Good luck.

Lily & Stu Too
I think you should call your doctor or take him to A&E, the poor little mite.

In the meantime, have you tried putting him in a steamy room? Run a bath or shower, shut the door and sit with him on your knee for 5 minutes in there. Can you get him to sip some honey, lemon and warm water at all?

I'm so sorry, it must be awful for you. I really do hope he gets better quickly.

I have 3 kids ALL with asthma and they ALL cough, cough, cough all the time....especially when their asthma is acting up.
We have inhalers with spacers and two nebulizers as well. You can try getting a cool mist vaporizer and placing it in his room when he sleeps. You can use vicks vapor rub. I would request to see a pediatric Asthma doctor who can better diagnose asthma in a child. Asthma can be caused by allergans and your son may be allergic to something in his environment. I know my three get more active attacks during spring and fall and if they go into a dusty, musty area. We were under the house last night looking for our crazy cat and all three of them needing treatments when we finally caught Jade and went back in the house. Ask your doctor about a nebulizer. This is the best thing for asthma. It is a machine that creates a fine mist/smoke of asthma mediction that is inhaled directly into the lungs. Works for my three.

Rachael H
My 3yr old daughter is prone to the same problems and also uses and inhaler - it does help, but only a little.
From personal experience there are a couple of things that can help - if you have an electric steamer or anything else that generates steam, try putting it in his room at night. The electric steamers are quite cheap, I think Tesco's do a value one. Also, good old vicks vaporub on his back and chest will help the soreness and is, in fact, the absolute best thing that my daughter uses, together with either that or drops on his pillowcase which help with the catarrh side of it. Otherwise, it's just lots of love and cuddles until the antibiotics kick in.
Best wishes

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