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praying for #1 at 30
My cough won't go away! What can a doctor really do?
My husband just got over a chest cold, which I picked up a few days ago. I started the coughing part yesterday morning and was up all night last night coughing. It's a pretty dry cough now but at times still productive. It's making my throat totally irritated too. I feel just fine, it's just the cough. I work in a very quite office and I just can't stop coughing. I took Mucinex but it's doing nothing. I've never really had luck with cough medicines and I can't take any cold meds because they speed up my heart. Is there any help out there? I know if I go to the doctor they will do tons of lab work and chest x-rays and I'll have a bill like none other when I know I just caught my husbands virus.

Mrs. Cunningham
Herbal teas are the best for dry coughs. You need a lot of fluids. I recommend rosehip, camomile, linden teas. Don`t drink anything cold or hot, always warm. Also warm water with a bit honey is also good.

Dinty Moore
You need a cough suppresant, not cough medicine. Something like dextromorphan, codeine or tussionex. These generally require scripts however. If you have no fever and your lungs are clear most doctors would treat you without tests and tell you to return for testing if you have no improvement. It might be worth the aggravation. No one likes going to doctors and certainly not for a cold but sometimes with acute bronchitis especially the cough can linger and be very debilitating.

daniel g
you need to get some antibiotics mayybe you may have a chest infection.
if you dont get it to stop you may get side pain because you are overworking your lungs

just drink extra water and give it a few days, that works the best. mucinex and the over the counter cough medications are pretty much worthless.

The best OTC cough medicine is called Delsym. Talk to your pharmacist. I have never had one tell me any different. It will help. But the only real cure is time.

I agree with Bubba - I'd ask the dr for a prescription cough med (Tussin with codeine) that'll help you sleep through the night without coughing - this will allow your body to get the rest it needs to heal itself.

Drink lots of water and tea with honey, sleep with a humidifier on, don't eat or drink dairy products, etc. I also drink carrot juice before bed to calm my chest, it really helps alot. Unfortunately, rest, healthy diet and time are really what it'll take to recover.

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