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 My daughter's breath always smells bad?
All the time. Her breath smells like chemicals. But she seems perfectly alright. A while back she had a UTI and they were gonna ultrasound her kidney, or liver I can't remember which. Could her ...

 Problems after taking naproxen?
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 Is it asthma?
I've had this problem ever since I was a child. I can't be in closets too long without starting to wheeze. I also find it difficult when I clean because it happens. This problem worsens ...

 My throat is paining badly,my doctor is on vacation, Should I change the doctor?
My throat is really bad for 3 days, I am having some difficulty in swallowing and speaking but no fever. I did salt-water gargles but no effect.
I can not concentrate on my work and leave is a ...

 My 6 month old has a fever and earache. Is it normal for him to breathe heavily as well.?(almost a loud snore)
He has been breathing heavily like a loud snore and has a stuffy nose. It is uncomfortable for him to drink his bottle. Any suggestions??...

 Deviated septum, if you had one would you fix it?
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 My girlfriend snores...HELP!?
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 How much damage have i done??
i am 19 and i have been smoking on and off since i was 16. I have been pretty steady at a pack or so a day. I am now quitting and wondering how severe the damage could be that i have done in that ...

 Night Sweats?
I'm 31 years old and at night i wake up wet on and around my neck. What could be causeing this .I also have 3 kids if that matter....

 Medical professionals please help - lung problem?
Hi Guys,
Went to my GP about this a week ago and he didn't know what it was, like no clue, just said come back in a week if it isn't better.
So it started almost 2 weeks ago with ...

 Pain when taking a deep breath?
For the past 12 days, I've had pain in my back (sharp pain below my left should blade) and in my chest (below my left breast). The pain in my back is a mild stabbing pain, and the pain in my ...

 Anyone have pulmonary fibrosis?
I was diagnosed with this five years ago. At the time the doctor told me I would never get better and that my life expectancy would probably be about 10 years. I've taken Cytoxan and Imuran ...

 I think I may be 2 weeks pregnant, I took Airborne yesterday for a cold,Is it safe? what cold med is good ?

 I need your ATTENTION?
One of my really good friends has got TB, short for tuberculosis. I don't know what to do or how to help her. She's only 14 and she is so very nice, I don't think she ever deserves ...

 Will I'll be able to get rid of asthma?

 My dad is in the hospital right now and he has terminal liver cancer. he now has slight pnemonia and jaundness
can he recover at all?...

 What does it mean when your tempature is 96.3*F in the evening?
My mom has an auto immune disease called lupus and she usually doesn't throw up, but just tonight she has thrown up 2 times, and is feeling sick. She wants to know if it is a bad thing that her ...

 I get sharp chest pains and I'm 16, is that a bad sign?

Additional Details
Sometimes when I breathe, my throat is paining. Could it be from smog and pollution?...

 How can cure sore throat FAST!!?

juliet a
My child snores with foam from the mouth what is the cause of that?

doctor lady DOCTOR


Its m33 for Realz
he might have rabies

Could be apnea. Many other possibilities. Best to call the childs DR. to get to the bottom of it.

freedom fighter
My daughter had this exact thing happen and I was continually blown off by her pediatrician until finally I took a picture of her while she was sleeping and showed it to him. Talk about a quick reaction! It turns out that she was suffering from sleep apnea due to enlarged adenoids and tonsils. He now uses that picture as a diagnostic tool to show other parents if they have a similar complaint. Make an appointment asap and bring a picture so that the Dr. can see exactly what you are concerned about and ask for a sleep study. P.S. My daughter had her adenoids removed shortly after and it cleared up the problem. good luck!

Your child snores foaming from the mouth and you're wasting time asking on Y!A? Please, go straight to your pediatrician--now!

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