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Gabriela C
My 3 year old daughter just coughs at night...?
She just started doing this about three days ago, where she has a very dry cough. All day she'll be fine, but wakes up in the middle of the night coughing, with no fever, mucus, or any other symptoms of a flu. Any ideas on what it could be? I'm going to schedule her a doctors appt tomorrow! Thanks!

Try and put an extra pillow on her bed. To keep her propped up a bit, it might help. Make sure the room is dust free and well ventilated. Did you change your laundry detergent? If not, was there any chance that the rinse cycle did not go to well?
You are right to take her to the doctor, just to get it checked out. She could have asthma, or it could be just an allergy.
Best of luck.

If the Dr. can't find anything wrong, you can give her a tsp. of honey at bedtime. It soothes the throat and has healing properties.

No, but my almost 3 year old has been going through the same exact thing - on and off - since he started school. He was given some prescription cough medicine from the doctor and some antibiotic. He took the antibiotic and the cough is still there. I give him the cough medicine at night sometimes. Last year when he went to daycare he had gone through the same thing and she prescribed a nebulizer. Rather than putting him on it, I took him out of school and he cleared up right away..... until I started him in school again this year... *sigh*

Does she drink milk before bed?

sometime that may cause a small bit of Flem to build up.

Or her room might be dusty (allergies)

Best bet is to observe what sh does before bed/ eats/drinks/ bath time/ her room/ cats? etc.

The doctor will have the best answer/tests... or may just prescribe medicine, which is lame.


this happens to me at 21. it could be that the room is too dry in which case a humidifier will help. also she may be allergic to something and it's bothering her lungs. try keeping some water down there for her and also try the humidifier. if that's too expensive, get a large bowl of water and let it evaporate. not as effective, but will provide some relief.

It could be allergies triggered by something seasonally flowering now or it could be asthma also triggered by a seasonal change.

Or it could just be a virus

is she sleeping with any mildly old blankets or stuffed animals? maybe an old mobile? all of these can collect dust mites and those can lead to a nasty cough. You should get an air purifier for her room. It really does make a difference!!

It may be mild asthma, which often shows up in children as a persistent cough at night time, but not during the day. Has there been a sudden change of weather - colder at night for example? This always triggers an asthmatic cough for my 4 year old. Also, if she has even a mild cold, it starts the night time coughing again. My daughter takes ventolin when she needs to for the cough, and Flixotide daily as a preventative.

my daughter did that and it turned out to be seasonal allergies. she grew out of it in 2 years though.

it could be a number of reasons.

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