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Last night I had what I think was an asthma attack. Why did the doctor say it was not asthma?
I saw this doctor about 6 months ago with concerns that I may have asthma, but he used a peak flow meter and it was normal, and he said I did not have asthma. he did give me an albuterol inhaler. I have periods in the evening, especially after I have spent time outdoors where I have nearly uncontrollable coughing, I don't wheeze, but I do feel it is harder to breathe in and out, around that time and after the coughing attack i have a lot of mucus come up.

Anyway, last night I was laughing at something my hubby was saying. I have been fighting a bit of congestion in my chest the past few days. I got up off the cough, and suddenly started coughing on controllably, I was coughing up mucus, and felt very weak, I used 4 puffs of albuterol, felt a bit better, but was still coughing. I went to the same doc this morning and he said, nope, not asthma, peak flow meter says I'm fine. Just drink robutussin.

Your opinion?
Additional Details
Coughing, from what I've been reading, is a a common part of asthma. So I don't know what you all are talking about. And yes I was having trouble breathing, and coughing at the same time. And using albuterol (which is a bronco-dilator) did help. Absence of wheezing does not discount asthma.

I agree with IRISH.

Asthma sufferers do not usually have coughing fits, they literally cannot breathe and need a bronco-dialator to open up thier bronchial tubes, asthma attacks can come on suddenly they do not have to be caused by outdoor allergens, sometimes just cold air outside can cause one.Be happy, if you can cough you can breathe.

I would go to an allergy doctor and get tested, you need to find out what triggers your coughing episodes.

If he hasn't suggested any other tests, or looked any farther into it, I think you should go for a second opinion. It may not be asthma, but there are plenty of other tests you could have done to find out exactly what it could be.

best of luck!

It may not be asthma at all, you might have some sort of chest congestion, or bronchitis going on. It's unusual to cough up anything when you have asthma. Did the Dr. do ANY other tests to see what else might be causing the coughing, weakness? There is a limit to how much robutussin or any other over the counter cough medication you should take without having medical intervention. Are you sure that this Dr. isn't some sort of quack? If the peak flow meter says you don't have asthma, then go to another Dr. and have them check for something else. I am shocked that this Dr. didn't do that.

I think you should have an allergy test.

You're right. absence of wheezing does not discount asthma. But do you know what the wheezing is???? It is the constriction of the bronchioles (the airways in your lungs). The albuterol inhaler is a bronchodilator. An indication for a bronchdilator is WHEEZING, not coughing. So, if your bronchioles are constricting, you will MOST OFTEN start to wheeze (just cuz you can't heard it with your naked ear doesn't mean you aren't wheezing in your lungs). The albuterol will open them up. So, no wheezing, no airway constriction, no need for the albuterol. I see this all the time, and the most common reason the albuterol helps in situations such as this is because it's mostly in the patient's head.
And what other people are saying about the coughing is true. It is not a common sympton of asthma, nor will albuterol help it. If you are getting mucus up with the coughing, then you most likely have a URI (upper respiratory infection) or a chest cold (as indicated by the congestion you are experiencing). You're doctor is correct. Probably not asthma. But if you are dead set on having it, request a pulmonary function test. This will tell you the function of your lungs

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