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Childfree Wolf
It hurts so bad, I can’t sleep. What am I going to do?
I am sitting up late again, sitting here in tears. The Vikadin is not working. My ears are ringing, my face and ears hurt. The sinus pressure is so high that I can’t keep my eyes focused.

They did a CT scan Thursday. I have been waiting on someone to look at it and tell me what is plugging up my head. I am in so much pain I can’t sleep, or concentrate. The doctor says that the pain is causing my normally low blood pressure to skyrocket. He keeps asking me what color is the discharge from my noise. What discharge? It is not coming out! What am I going to do? Sorry I am rambling because I can’t do anything else. It hurts so bad.

My girlfriend says I have been howling in my sleep. Well, because I am dreaming about the pain.

I guess Captain Morgan can help a while. Monday please hurry and get here. I need something done about this pain.
Additional Details
I just tried some hot tea with Captain Morgan. I played with the dog some. It seems to have, at least, distracted me from the pain. At the very least it entertained the dog, whom is looking at me with a sypatheric eye. Dogs are so awsome!

I am in no condition to drive. I am now soned on the perscription, drunk, but still in pain! I'm going to have to wake my, soon to be grumpy, girlfriend to take me to the clinic.

i guess you think of it too much......ignore it for a while.... endure the pain.....have some relaxation with your girlfriend to some cool places around......i suggest you go to some tropical beach.....its pretty good

well if you die.....at least youre happy with your gf.

be cool

drink cold beers at least 5 *30 cc u feel better and u ll get sleep easily if u dont like beer, drink vodka ,but beer is always better about sleeping,i know because i tried :D

Not related to your question, 'cause you know that nothing here is really going to change much =p not 'til you get the CT back. Here's hoping it's not serious.

But, in future, try not to mix vicodin and morgan. ..or any alcohol, for that matter. Especially if you're gonna have to go to a clinic later, since it'll interfere with anything they may have to administer. ..Or.. y'know, ....might kill you in the first place =p ...Either way, ..keep outta trouble, haha.

take care; feel better soon-

drink something warm ... now. hot chocolate, hot milk, chai, decaf, anything to get heat into your head. if one cup helps, drink another one. do you have any sudafed? I get screaming sinus headaches too, and what works for me is a combination of sudafed and guaifenesin (thins out the congestion and helps it move. brand name: mucinex). then, blow your nose like crazy, even if it feels like it doesn't need it. set your watch; do it at least every 20 minutes... might take a couple days to completely clear, but with a pain killer like vicodin handy, the wait shouldn't really bother you ;)

Good luck!

top momma
Why do you go to he emergency room and they can give you a pain shot.
Sorry I sure hope you feel better.

February Rain
I feel bad for you, but I don't know what you can do for the pain. This is beyond my expertise. I'm sorry. *hugs*


Hey bro, I toatlly know how you feel. I was on a transcontinental flight coming back from a trip from europe, I had a stuffy now due to a cold. I can safely say that NEVER in my entire life have I ever felt so much pain than when the plane started to descend and go down. Later I found out what the problem was.

Apparently the air pressure that all the passengers were used to after a 8 1/2 hour flight got stuck in my head, and when we started to lower our altitude, the internal cabin pressure changed slowly, which in return gave me the worst pain I've ever felt. I don't really know what to say and how to help you, but I sure feel with you man.

Hope all gets well soon, and stay strong.

You probably have a VERY severe sinus infection (sinusitis). I've had sinus probs. for more years than I care to remember. I eventually had to have sinus surg. and that made a huge improvement. I do still get sinusitis (since it's chronic) but antibiotics clear it up.

You probably need a course of very strong antibiotics to clear up the infection. Before my sinus surgery, it had gotten to the point that antibiotics wouldn't cure my sinus infections anymore and their accompanying horrible headaches. I got to the point of having migraines pretty much 24/7. If you haven't seen an Ear Nose and Throat doctor (an ENT), do so and let him/her determine what is causing you such awful pain. I'd almost bet it's sinusitis and you CAN get help! You don't want to have to continue taking Vicodein.

It would help for you to rid your living quarters/home of as much dust and animal dander as possible. And make sure to wash your bed linens, drapes/curtains, etc. regularly. You want to rid your home of as much irritants to your sinus's as possible.

I have tinnitus also, have had it for sooooo long. It's not fun but I've learned to live with it, as has my daughter and son in law also. Many people have tinnitus (constant ringing in one or both ears). Hopefully when you get rid of the sinus infection the ringing will stop. I PRAY so!

I'm going to say a prayer for you as soon as I finish this. I hope that it will help. Try not to get depressed about this, even though your pain IS almost unbearable. Realize that it WILL get better. You just need some medication for it. What you're dealing with is very common, so you're 'in good company' ;o). I truly hope AND pray that it will all be gone soon!

vivian s
sounds like acute sinusitis and possible allergies

Ayaz Ali
Consult the doctor before it gets worst.

maybe some cool compress on your nose? Its worth a try, it helps with my headaches.

oin k
10 Tips to Sleep Well

Yeah go to the ER. Sounds like you really need help. They can give you pain medicine through the IV and it'll kick in a lot better and they'll treat your condition whatever it is right now.

Aeria Gloris
Seriously, you need to be tested for migranes.

Well, did you wake your girlfriends yet, or are you still hopin for anwers,

If you are in such severe pain, it might not be a bad idea to go to the ER and see about pain management. If you do, be sure to tell them the name of your doctor, so they know that you aren't making it up to get pain meds.
I'm sorry you are suffering. I would suggest homeopathic remedies, but I think if I did that, it would sound like I was trivializing your pain.
I hope everything works out for you.

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