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Is it possible that my albuterol doesn't work for me anymore after over 20 years?
Just today I took my rescue inhaler and I feel worse. Could it be because I'm pregnant that it's not working or that it's just the baby crushing my lungs or that albuterol doesn't work for me anymore.
Additional Details
I'm stunned that anyone would think that it's the same inhaler for 20 years. That's funny, you made my night!

there is an expiration date to meds -20 yrs is too long to keep any med. see your doctor.

i would go to the doctor and get a new inhaler that's what i do all the time for my inhaler.

you need to call your dr on this question.. if you are saying your inhaler is 20 yrs old.. i wouldnt use it.. meds can weaken and change with time.. you do need to see your dr..good luck

James R
It very well could be both, or one. I hope you have let your dr. know that U are pregnant. Since you have been on it for 20 yrs. the medication may need to be changed.
Good luck

It's possible that the inhaler isn't working correctly. In a severe asthmatic period you can use up to one puff an hour. Go to the ER if you are having severe problems breathing.

your body can build up an immunity against things like that. Especialy after prolonged use like 20 years. I'd suggest seeing your doctor. He might up your dosage, or since your pregnant, change your prescription.

Robert F
Talk to your Dr. your harmons are changing during the pregnancy .

My doc gave me a different prescription when I was pg, other than albuterol. If I can find the name, I'll let you know. It wasn't that the albuterol was ineffective, though, it was because the other med was safer for the baby.

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