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Is inhaling a cigar bad????

Yes. It's loaded with tar.



Of course it is!

I wouldn't recomend doing it..
but if you did, I don't think your going to die or anything, you just might burn your throat before it go outs.. ouch.
well good luck with whatever happened, haha.

Ashly I
inhaling anything but air isn't good for you.
and sometimes even air isn't very good.

Goddess Sassy Taffy
Yes it is just like smoking a CIG..Plus it makes your throat stink


it is like inhalents

and yes
the smoke goes to ur lungs faster

i think thats like secong-hand-smoke almost but worse

Yes very bad.

♪♫The Best Answer! ♥

Yes, worse than cigarettes.

John P
yep i inhaled one when i was 11 i started choking later on for almost a year but i finally told my parents and went to the hospital


admiral of funk
Inhaling a whole cigar? Yes.

Inhaling cigar smoke? Kinda. There's a lot of tobacco in cigars, and by inhaling the smoke, you're inhaling more nicotine, tar, nitrogen oxides and other such harmful substances than if you did not inhale.

Keep Your Eyes To The Rightâ„¢
Would poisoning yourself be considered bad?

There ya go then.

Like breathing in the smoke?
No, i dont think so.
There no where near as bad as cigs! Dont smoke those!
The taboco in cigars are flavored so you have lower risk of getting sick or having lung problems with cigars. But just to be sure, dont breath in to much!

Hope I helped!

David Cook #1 fan! Cookie 4 life
Yes it is very bad. Just like cigarettes they can cause respiratory diseases like asthma, this is called second hand smoke, when someone around you is smoking and your inhaling it that smoke can still affect you!! If you don't feel comfortable with them smoking around you just say excuse me can you please unhook me from your car battery or can you please take the poisonous tree frog off of my mouth!! :))

well it's not good. you're only supposed to puff on it for the flavor it gives you.

Any type smoking is bad for a person and the ones around them that inhale the second hand smoke. Cigars have a higher concentration of the cancer causing elements so they are even worse for the person smoking and those around them. Bottom line, don't smoke.

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