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are there any home remedies for asthma's symptoms?...

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 Is it ok for me to smoke hookah if i have athsma?

Additional Details
tabacco free ...

 To people with asthma or Bronchitis?
When you yawn, do you feel your lung tightening or some sort of effect in your lungs?...

I have had pain in my left chest between the nipple and sterum, and the same pain in my back just below the shoulder blade (same side). It's very tender, feels like a bruise, with a nagging dry ...

In asthma, does the mucous build up over time or is it only produced during an attack?
To elaborate a bit, when an asthmatic has an attack and coughs up vast amounts of mucous, has all that mucous been building up since the last attack, or is it all produced very quickly during the attack itself? (i'm hoping it's the latter, as it'd make the use of steroid preventer inhalers more logical)

its always being produced (i have asthma) we tend to have whats called "a slight cough" were you just cough real quick to bring up the mucous and then swallow it. in an astma attack you can breath out but can't breath in.. for this we need 'ventolin' to help open up the lungs, we also suffer with a tight chested feeling during the winter, this is caused by the amout of humidity caused by the weather. it makes us produce more mucous.

hope i helped :)

Matt A has said it all!

I agree with his answer and I am studying a diploma in asthma management.

the use of steroid inhaler is to stop hypersensitivity of your airways, without steroids the airways are sensitive to a variety of factors that trigger an inflammatory reaction which causes swelling and production of mucus.

I have asthma And the best treatment for it is "Astexpect" so it help me to take control of it .When i use it i feel much better and i don't have any attacks. Visit the web PERUVIAN NATURISTAS MEDICINES. COM give you more information about the product.

My daughter has asthma and she has mucous all the time which is controlled by the use of her inhalers. This means she does not cough up mucous during an attack she just can't breathe, or to be more precise she can't exhale enough to inhale.
When she gets the 'sillys' and forgets to use the inhalers her breathing quickly becomes laboured and she sounds likes a traction engine. This is the build up of mucous.

The main reason people are breathless during in an asthma attack is because their airways are closing up, not a build up of mucus. The airways swell up because of an irritant. The weezing sound an asthma suffer makes, if the sound of air being forcefully pushed out of the lungs, through the swollen bronchioles. Musuc is produced at a steady rate in the lungs, and having asthma, generally does not affect the production of it. It is unlikely that someone with asthma has time to cough up "vast amounts of mucus" whilst having an attack.

It has been building up since the last attack,at least that s with me and a few people I know,but that s not necesary with all people.Somebody can have it the other way around...

Matt A
If your asthma is under control, you should be perfectly normal between attacks. No airway obstruction, no mucus build up or discharge, no shortness of breath.

In normal airways, there will be a wet secretion that will lubricate the airways and keep them moist. But not the thick stuff.

Dr Frank
Increased mucous production is a feature of the acute attack.

Lung stability is lost, or to put it another way they become hyper-reactive. Irritability produces cough, bronchospasm where the over-reactive smooth muscle contracts, causes wheeze and the goblet cells inappropriately pour out too much ' protective' mucous, eosinophils ( usually used to fight infestations and allergy) also poor into the lungs in a sort of inappropriate response as if to allergy. This chokes the lungs with yellow/green mucous often assumed by patients, and many poorly informed doctors to indicate infection.

Inhaled steroids are thought to increase the lung stability and damp the process down. It would however be fair to say that their use has decreased over the last five years, also doses used have been dramatically reduced.

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