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If you have asthma, where is the best place in the US to live?

$Sun King$
a hospital.

NOt in L.A cz they have the worst air condition.

Not Ohio or Kentucky. The allergens are murder here. :( I think most people do well out west (but not all the way to CA).

Good luck! :)

dawn p
I have had asthma for years. I grew up in the desert in Tucson, AZ and moved to Tulsa, OK in 1982. Still have it. Years ago my allergist said the best place for asthma and allergy sufferers to live in in a coastal town, with fresh sea air. My sister moved to Connnecticut recently and I spent two weeks with her there and in Rhode Island. I didn't use my inhaler once the whole time I was there, but I still had some slight nasal allergies.

♥ Crys ♥
Back when I was in college they said out west, Wyoming etc, not too far north or too far south.

where you are. hey its like an foot, it goes where you go. are there maybe more comfortable areas of earth, probably so, like maybe an ocean island, or a soft desert area, you ought to try vacationing for an extended period if that is possible and you're serious. but generally speaking if you have asthma you should try to live in your environment doing the best you can to keep your personal space free from your known asthma triggers

I have asthma. I have lived all over the US- from the AZ desert to the north in WI. According to the newest information from asthma education classes, there is NO 'best place' to live. The reason is because we are constantly getting new allergens and that triggers asthma. I know this from experience. I too was told (by unprofessional people) that moving to the desert would help...definitely not the case. I got new allergies...same asthma. The best way to control asthma is through medication your doctor prescribes and reducing the allergens in your home. That is the most up-to-date information out there...I went to asthma education class last night. I did get a great catalog that has a lot of products that help people with asthma. www.allergyasthmatech.com

Good luck!

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