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I think i have laryngitis, now i am coughing up green phlegm, what do i do?

Additional Details
Well i coughed yesterday and found a lil blood in tissue, i made an appt. doc gave me 2 shots, and prescription for upper resp. infection. thanks for all answers!

Go to the doctor. Green phlegm is a sure sign of an infection.

Quick Care would come to mind! Unless you want to tough it out and perhaps wind up flat on your back and then in the hospital.

go to the doc and get something otherwise you will be sick for a couple of weeks

Go Dale Jr! #88! (Lynn)
It sounds like bronchitis if its coming from your chest. You will need an antibiotic to clear it up. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

bobby d
sounds like a possible sinus infection.

Timothy E
green phlem is a sign of infection, but it is quite normal... If you are already taking meds for laryngitis, then be warry what you mix with them. I would suggest taking a really hot shower to help loosen up the mucus in your upper respritory tract...all the excess mucus is, is your body doubling its efforts to keep you from getting more ill. White, yellow, green, even a little brown is normal phlegm colors...be warry of anything but trace amounts of blood. If these symptoms persist for more than a few days to a week..you should see a doc and get some antibiotics.

♥ Soo ☺
Most definitely make a doctors appt. It sounds like a major sinus infection!

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