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Andrew P
I pick my nose so I can breath but new boogers form all the time,how?
I always have difficulty breathing,but I don't have asthma.It's very hard to breath out of my nose.

Ewwwwww....and go to the doctor.

ER Doctor
How do you know you don't have asthma,have you been checked.Maybe your allergic to something in the air at home.Does it happen only at home or outside too.

Little Angel
thers this thing called tissue... use it and go see a doctor

Haha...that is disgusting, but maybe you have an excess mucous disorder...

Yuck!!!!!! Discusting.

i don't do that.It's not suppost to help.Too clear your nose put nose drops in that helps and why would older people like you do that are you really 6 or 7 and your pretending to be 20 or something younger oh i know this game bring it on bring it on little guy who's with me when you look at this say i'm with you.

What "boogers" are is hardened mucus. This mucus is here to block dust from entering your lungs, but after prolonged exposure to air it dries out. It seems to me that perhaps you have chronic congestion due to some allergy, and visit your doctor for what to do. There are quick fixes at the drugstore, just ask someone to point you to the nasal decongestants. And sticking your finger in your nose isn't so smart for now. Use a tissue.

Michael A
try blowing your nose instead of picking and see a doctor.

the crusader
Your body is producing the mucous (boogers) in your nose to protect against particles that are entering your nostrils. try taking something for allergies, like Benadryl. It'll dry out some of that mucous and you won't have so many boogers. And remember that picking your nose in public is rude, so only pick in private. And wash your hands!

Sounds like you have allergies and maybe a sinus infection. Make an appointment with a allergie doctor,or try some allergie products over the counter. good luck

hehehe, i always have boogers too, lol....its normal, so DONT worry!

Maybe you have allergies?

dust..... allergens..... have any pets?????

the body is doing what it is supposed to be doing, relax, it'll be okay.

best question I've seen all day.

I heard somewhere that boogers come from dust (dried skin particles) in your house. try dusting, and make sure to use a tissue!

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