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I need to get a portable oxygen tank but my doctor won't write me a prescription - what can I do?
hello all

I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who was selling or renting (or giving away) an oxygen tank for one's home.

I found a place that rents them out for 65$ per month, however you require a doctor's prescription. I called my primary doctor but she insists that I see a pulmonary specialist and have that person see if I am fit for an oxygen tank.

This could take up to a month and b/c technically my oxygen levels in my lungs are satisfactory, he/she would not give me a prescription.

in the meantime, by the time I get to sleep at night, my body is so taxed and strained that my muscles tremble and my heart beats like it's going to go out of my chest which keeps me up at night.

It's not a nervous panic related thing. Since May, i've lost over 50 pounds due to a low appetite and other times being bed bound and just not eating enough. Add that to the exposure to heat exhaustion (and chronic illness, etc) and my body is just taxed beyond taxed.

what can a gal do?

Find out the names of the makers of these tanks and write or call them and ask if they have programs for folks like you. They may be able to help, but without a prescription, it will be very difficult, even to rent one. Good Luck!!!

If your doc won't rx it, you probably don't need it. Why do you want o? If your lungs are satisfactory, why do you think you need it? R U trying to get high?

Nurse Angie, above, is so right. Oxygen, if not needed, can be harmful to you. And it's not necessarily the answer for you if you are feeling tired & overcome by heat. Maybe you need to take it real easy with physical exhertion. And, perhaps you should see a Pulmonary Doc to rule out any lung disorders.
I wish you well.

M-Audio Oxygen Tank Oxygen8 Gig Bag
M-Audio Oxygen Tank Oxyg ...
$29 - $40

if u wanna see it just check this site..


you could try to join www.freecycle.org that is a site that when people are tired of things, they give them to others that want them for free. they have this for almost if not, every county and state. if that dont help, maybe a friend down the line might have one, or try a medical resale shop. Also..... that doctor.... If I were you, I would get a new family doctor as that one seems as useless as most of them are. { afterall, who are they kidding.. we already know that if the situation don't benefit them, we can get screwed. kind of like the government in ways..... lol }

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