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I just started smoking cigarettes, relieves stress, should I quit? please read below.?
I have been smoking off and on for the past two years, but never considered myself a smoker. I would smoke one cigarette a week. Then a few months ago, I bought a pack and smoked then. I then quit for awhile, and then bought another pack, then stopped again. Well I just (again) finished my 2nd pack of cigarettes.

I know their bad, but I like them, it relieves so much stress, but I know I don't want to be addicted to them.

but I like them.

What should I Do?

god knows and sees else Yahoo
Keep smoking
I need your job when you get sick and I'll get your benefits when you are gone

i used to be that way too and now i smoke a pack a day, so does the rest of my family. Personally i like it and i enjoy it and yes when i am stressed it calms me down really quickly so i would say dont let it bother you unless it does bother you and then just stop. but if you enjoy it then enjoy it. you only have one life so live it how you want! Good luck!

Best Answer
are you bleeping nuts???? there are other ways to relieve stress. Quit now while you still can! How about all the stress you're going to have when you're sick with lung cancer? How about the stress of knowing you're destroying your health? I used to smoke a little and even with only a few cigarettes I felt like I couldn't even breathe the next day. Cigarettes are nasty, nasty, NASTY!

I'm constanly now being asked "How Do I Stop Smoking?"
I really emphathise with you, I quit my 20 a day habit in a pain-free way!
No stress, no cravings, no weight gain, no pills, patches or gums.
The program I followed was recommended by a friend and now boasts a 90% success rate and is 100% fully guaranteed - can't say fairer than that

All the best..


Try picking another habbit that doesn't kill you. I use stress balls. Their little squishy balls that you can squeeze, or throw, or smash into the desk, or pretend it's your boss or something. If the stress ball doesn't work, try yoga or something constructive. If you have to be doing something with your mouth, try chewing gum (the quit-smoking gum!)

Find other ways to relief stress. They may relieve stress now but what about in the future when you have lung cancer will it relieve your stress then?

Well, Your Better of killing yourself so you don't have to go through chemo once you get cancer. Wait, and your family (2nd hand smoke).

Well anyway, you are ruining the life of your parents, kids, cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and wife/husband when you die from smoking

Christine C
Seriously, put those down and never smoke! It is not worth whatever stress relief you may get from them. It is not cool, it stinks, it ruins your clothes, it looks dumb. Quit while you're ahead.

Smoking DOES NOT calm you down. Actually, it speeds everything up, blood flow, heart rate, etc. If your feeling really stressed then go to the gym and kick the **** out of something. Smoking destroys your body. Check out www.thetruth.com
or just google 'effects of smoking on the body' or you can go to a doctors offce and have him show you examples of a good. healthy live and a liver that belonged to a smoker. Quit while you can before you become addicted.

Hi, it's cazzie tlkn here. I think you should definatley quit smoking. It's really bad 4 ur health, and can cause all sorts of nasty (sometimes incurable) diseases! To name a few... Lung cancer, hardening of the arteries, (where ur arteries just get harder & harder, and in the end, find it so difficult to pump blood around the body.) Strokes, all other sorts of cancer, it can make ur hair, & clothes stink really bad, it'll cost you an absolute bomb, and with all the cash u spend on cigarettes, u could be saving up 4 xmas, or a holiday. Something worthwhile. To me, cigarettes are just cancer sticks, going towards a slow & painful death. I should know... My grandad died a few years back, and one of the things that he died from was hardening of the arteries brought on by smoking when he was younger. 4 him, it really was a slow & painful death, & not very dignified... Please take my advice, before you end up doing yourself some serious damage. Quit this terrible habit, before it kills you! Cazzie -x-

Smoke clove cigarettes, not the black wrapped nasty ones but the lighter ones like djarum light or Bali hais. they have no nicotine to get you addicted to them no carcinogens and they taste and smell good. they also have the same stress and anxiety relieving properties as regular old cigarettes. Yes they still can cause COPD if smoked in excess but when you smoke cloves you don't feel the need to keep relighting so you only smoke 3-4 a day and with no manipulation of nicotine it stays that way. Cloves are a spice that are gown in south east Asia, used in dental medicine and are a natural occurring anesthesia, they do cost a bit more but if you must have a vice, and believe me everyone does. try cloves.

Mrs. Canary
For real!

It is EXPENSIVE and a health hazard.

I have smoked since I was 7 and would do anything to be able to quit.

Back in the day, it was considered elegant for a woman to smoke and very cool for guys to smoke.
Today it is totally socially unacceptable.

I have been to two hypnotists, have acupuncture, lasers, acupressure, the gum, the patch, counseling, the pill. slow cessation, cold turkey, switched to brands I did not like, ...

All I did was gain a ton of weight, and I still smoke.

I hate myself every time I light up.

It will kill you.

If you are stressed out, listen to soothing music or get a hobby.

Stop smoking and stop now while you are not really addicted to it. I smoked off and on and then just stopped and have not smoked in about 9 years. You can find other ways of stress relief.

Out of Reach
Quit them and whenever you need to relieve stress go for a run, it's very helpful and it'll keep you in great shape!

Lizabeth B
Have you ever watched anyone you love die of lung cancer.... I watched my 56 year old father in law die on Thanksgiving day in front of all of his family including my 17 and 16 year old children his grandchildren......go to the hospital and just sit with someone that is dying of lung related disease......you will never smoke again!!!!

Quit now before you get addicted.
Try chewing gum instead.

lesley w
pls quit now, while you can ..

You are already addicted or you wouldn't be on them anymore. Of course you should stop.....are you kidding? I've never heard of a good excuse for smoking....unless you WANT to suffocate to death from emphysema or lung cancer. Besides you stink when you smoke--your breath, your clothes, your hands. It's nasty. There are other ways to relieve stress than to pick up a habit that you KNOW is really bad for you. Come on now. Go get a massage, sit quietly for a while, exercise relieves stress..........

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
Smoking is bad


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